Spring-Summer 22 Women’s Fashion Trends

Spring Summer 22 womenswear goes on a charm offensive!

Dialing down into desirability, revving up one’s powers of attraction and upping one’s fashion quotient: the new season’s designs are armed to the hilt with seduction –  and not afraid to go over the top!

Fired up by their core mission, designers envision a feminine wardrobe firmly focused on the future. In doing so, they invite us to dare to dream of tomorrow, to the newfound delight of escapism and freedom.

Here, a close look at women’s Spring Summer 22 highlights, as decoded and distilled by Première Vison’s fashion team throughout the season. Explore them all in detail in our series of articles, below, and in the Magazine section on Première Vision’s website.


The message from next season’s dressy looks? Sprinkle some fairy dust and get noticed! A striking look evolved from eveningwear’s traditional codes, but with a new play on lengths and proportions, as in super short dresses worn with oversized wrap coats with a smattering of shine.

From sequins to lurex, 3D flowers and precious jewels – it’s time to bring on the shine!

A second silhouette – sensual, luscious, generous… somewhat more refined but just as sexy – catches our attention. Boosted by the values of inclusiveness, this silhouette approaches the issue of seduction from a new angle. Comfort is a must. Second-skin knits cling to the body’s curves and create an almost swaying gait. Here, the emphasis is on suggesting rather than revealing.

Next up – a new object of desire. This season, the emphasis is on the waist. Calling all navels  – and all their obvious vintage references too.

The season’s city looks lean heavily on fluidity –  a sexy fluidity which is truly manifest in the choice of materials. Borrowing their overall look from menswear, women’s suits are elongated to the extreme. Though cut close to the body, they’re styled with utilitarian accessories like multi-pocketed fannypacks worn at the waist.

With its spring-like, bucolic prints in energising and clashing colors, and slim, cropped volumes, casual wear celebrates a sexy, youthful look infused with a devil-may-care attitude. 


Denim apparel cultivates a certain nonchalance. A homewear influence – a pajama spirit, light shirts, kimono jackets – remains front and center. It’s simply impossible to give up acquired comfort. There’s also a unisex influence, with sturdy fabrics and functional details in a nod to the 90’s.

On the other side of the equation, products champion a refined precision. A more structured stylistic approach, with neat cuts and shine.

In outerwear, a Tech inspiration runs through pieces designed for the city. On the casual side, rustic aspectsgrow more sophisticated for supple jackets.

The season’s tops celebrate an optimistic, frivolous, almost provocative femininity. With a special focus on transparency and lightness.

In dresses and blouses, vitamin-rich colors give a new boost to timeless laces, chiffons and eyelet embroidery.

The season’s prints single-handedly encapsulate our yearning for a newfound freedom. With their invitations to far-off journeys, digital worlds and hypnotic nature, they call up an unbridled imaginary realm to wander through and marvel at to your heart’s content.


The Spring/Summer 22 color range cultivates the ambivalence between sunny, energizing colors and more calming, reassuring hues.

Spicy or vitamin-rich oranges and intense pinks evoke the tonal tints of a summer sky. And refreshing pastels convey a simple, poetic paleness. The dense, vibrant attraction created between the ranges of warm and cool tones evinces the magic of color at work.

One guiding rule applies, however: a new chromatic imagination must be summoned. An imaginary universe which plays on dissonant or even grating harmonies, but one which is always charged with passion.

A color range headed up by a surprising duo: mauve and orange, which can be found across all segments, including accessories.


The importance of details in this season’s leather goods reflects a desire for fantasy, and lends a theatricality to bags.

The Sport & Tech influence continues to impact Bag & Shoe collections.

From office days to wild nights out, Sporty accents turn up on all kinds of silhouettes. Practical fanny packs and other portable mini bags come in light and dense leathers, pairing with revved-up suits ready to hit the streets. And city-trekker colorblock sneakers are perfect for downplaying a fully sequined dress – all ready to set fire to the dancefloor again! 

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