Encapsulating the zeitgeist, decoding and analyzing both underlying currents and emerging trends, guiding color decisions throughout the seasons – these are the primary objectives of the Première Vision fashion team.

Forward-looking analyses of evolving trends in fashion, materials and sustainability, decodings of the major creative trends and innovations in the fabric, leather and accessory industries, selections of the latest product developments, a special focus on the season’s highlights and interviews with fashion experts – our exclusive content is especially designed to fuel your own inspiration throughout the year.

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Koojoo Fabrics AW 2526
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Preview Sport & Outdoor AW 25-26: Squared perfection

This season, weaves and knits feature square structures.

Carlo Possi AW 2526
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Preview Fabrics AW 25-26: Elevating the look of wear

For AH 25-26, beautiful traces of wear can become an asset. 

Denim Collection AH 25-26
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Denim Première Vision: AW 25-26 Collection

An exclusive collection has been developed by Première Vision and fashion schools IED and NABA.

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AW 25-26 Denim Decoding

For the Autumn-Winter 25-26 season, denim explores new horizons.

Cover preview AH 25 25 expressivite charnelle
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Autumn-Winter 25-26 Season Preview: Sensual Expressiveness

For Autumn-Winter 25-26, the body takes center stage.

Preview Denim - AH 25 26
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AW 25-26 Denim Preview: Denim meets Sportswear

Denim meets sportswear for Autumn-Winter 25-26.

PV colors hayleylohn
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AW 25-26 Color Range Preview : The Power of Contrast

The Autumn Winter 2526 color range illustrates both the powerful contrasts giving life to the ...

Color Report Widget Magazine
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Autumn-Winter 25-26: The Season’s Theme revealed in a New Teaser

Autumn-Winter 25-26 invites us to intensify contrasts and explore the Extreme. Throughout its creative processes, ...

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AW 25-26 Season Preview: Minimalist Excellence

In a season marked by contrast and the pursuit of extremes in virtuosity, mastercraftsmanship and stylistic identity, ...

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SS 25 Style Focus: The metamorphosis of Taskin Goec

Taskin Goec, who describes himself as a mixed-reality designer, lent his talents to Première Vision ...

Style focus SS 25 Tailoring
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SS 25 Style Focus: Light Tailoring

Tailoring moves outside its comfort zone, adopting wider, surprisingly lightweight volumes.

Cover SS 25 Bast fibers
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SS 25 Style Focus: Bast Fibers

A sophisticated mood infuses silhouettes, thanks to neo-plant-based materials with impeccable modernity. 

SS 25 Fabrics Hurel
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The Ethereal Lightness of Opalescence by Mary Sholl

A wonder revered for centuries, opalescence is resurging once more as it regains new prominence ...

SS 25 Fabrics Secen Tekstil
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Harmony Focus SS 25: Bewitching Depth

Dark shades are infiltrating summer palettes, bringing depth and elegance to harmonies.

Season Report EN SS25
SS 25 David Leather
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Harmony Focus SS 25: Evolving Color Palettes

For Spring-Summer 25, chromatic selections explore new uses and territories.

Fabrics SS 25 TMG
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Harmony Focus SS 25: Clarity

This Spring-Summer 2025, solarizations and fadings giving rise to both pale and dazzling color schemes.

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SS 25: Milky Yellow decoded by Peclers Paris

As the leading consulting agency in creative strategy and prospective trends (fashion, beauty, design & ...

Forum Leather 3D
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Visit the 3D forums of the latest PV Paris show!

The February edition of Première Vision Paris closed its doors last week, but your Spring-Summer ...

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Decodings SS25: Leather

The Spring-Summer 25 season is all about mutation.