The star duo of the SlS22 season : Mauves-Oranges.

Spring summer 2022 colors raise the curtain on a season infused with a joyful and optimistic creative energy. The eagerness to create tempting, sensual and invigorating harmonies is best represented not by a single color, but a star duo: mauve-orange. A duo that invites us to create dynamic, fanciful and essential combinations, an ode to the intensity of this exceptional season.

A duo conveying the vibrant and dense attraction between hot and cold, two forces that, rather than opposing each other, electrify and harmonize in a synergy of vibrant strength and reassuring softness.

Under the influence of last winter’s reds, orange hues radiate a spontaneous cheerfulness with delectable, surprising and vitamin-rich tones. New taste sensations invoke fiery spices with “frosty lobster” and a “blazing orange” alongside the candied sweetness of a “peachy pleasure“. Warm tones that lend a carnal, sensual touch.

In contrast, mauve and purplish hues reference a dreamlike and digital universe. Pivotal colors poised between blues and pinks, they are developed in an artificial and dreamlike way. “Nitrogen mauve“, “poly-periwinkle” and “cyber violet” shape these sensitive hybrids with their soft and delicate characters.

Première Vision is showcasing these sinuous duos, which are harmonized in a variety of tonal intensities to navigate the full range of the new season’s emotions. They can be modulated at will, to work together and infuse their own identities depending on the market and use: in soft, light and delicate combinations for a touching tenderness to heighten connections, or more sophisticated in subtle, vivid or energetic semi-tones, sometimes even in frenzied clashes.

In this dialogue, mauves provide comfort and assurance to the dynamic and sensitive oranges. Echoing the standard red-blue contrast of the real world, the mauve-orange combination is the valiant banner of a new digital and sensitive world, an appealing polarization that blends tangible and digital identities to create a particular DNA. With no hierarchy in terms or order or proportion, these colors represent a bridge between two realities that are increasingly overlapping. A symbol of a caring, soothing hybridization, seamless but impactful.

The choice of this colorful duo conveys the full generosity and subtlety of spring-summer 2022, with two composite colors. Two tones resulting from a skillful research transcending obvious primary pigments. They clearly point to a sophistication in the use of color, with rich and subtle harmonies. Refined choices that add depth to a season full of positive surprises.

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