Infos pratiques jeux olympiques

25 days prior to the Olympic Games,
PV Paris looks forward to seeing you!

A dedicated team, accommodation options, advice for getting around Paris…The entire Première Vision Paris team is committed to ensuring you a warm welcome and making your visit as seamless as possible.

Teaser AW 25-26 Season

The first images of the AW 25-26 season

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Projet Cuir Première Vision paris July 24
  • Eye on the Shows

French Tanners: know-how and innovation

PV offers a new exhibition format putting leather in the spotlight.

Talk meanswear

[PV NY Talk] The Future of Menswear and Tailored Suits

With Dan Orwig, CEO / Peerless Clothing International & Mathieu St-Arnaud, Executive Manager / mmode, ...

Talk Design2Deliver
  • Eye on the Shows

[PV NY Talk] Transforming Fashion with AI: From Design2Delivery

With Julie A. Evans, Fashion Tech Expert, & Matilda Kalaveshi, Fashion Retail Expert

Denim Collection AH 25-26
  • Trends
  • Eye on the Shows

Denim Première Vision: AW 25-26 Collection

An exclusive collection has been developed by Première Vision and fashion schools IED and NABA.

Logo Deveaux
  • Market Insiders
  • Eye on the Shows

PV Paris Hostesses to Wear Uniforms Designed by Deveaux

Les tenues seront portées pour les éditions de juillet 24 et février 25.

SBS zipper
  • Market Insiders

SBS, one of the largest zipper manufacturers, focuses on a sustainability vision

Unveiling the technological innovations behind SBS sustainable zipper.

Podcast 64 Drishti Masand
  • Sustainability

Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 64

With Drishti Masand, Sustainability Director at adidas and communication lead in the T-REX project

Color Report Widget Magazine
  • Market Insiders

Alpaca: sustainable elegance

Alpaca is a natural, eco-responsible and ecological material.

  • Trends

AW 25-26 Denim Decoding

For the Autumn-Winter 25-26 season, denim explores new horizons.

Une PV Paris Olympic Games
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Resources mobilised to facilitate your visit

All the practical information you need to prepare your visit.

Une article superheroes
  • Market Insiders


3 textile manufacturing companies give their vision of legendary heroes.

Une TSL Pioneer Denim
  • Market Insiders

“Renaissance” Denim Collection by Pioneer

Designer Christian Reca introduces the concept of the collection.

Cover preview AH 25 25 expressivite charnelle
  • Trends

Autumn-Winter 25-26 Season Preview: Sensual Expressiveness

For Autumn-Winter 25-26, the body takes center stage.

Fleur de lin
  • Sustainability

Diversifying plant fibers

Linen, hemp, nettles, kapok or jute open up a whole new field of possibilities.

Season Report EN SS25
New deadstock on Première Vision show February 2024
  • Sustainability
  • Eye on the Shows

Première Vision Paris offers a dedicated space for exhibitors to sell their deadstock

The deadstock trail of PV Paris is available at the show and online.

Leather Seminar PV Paris July 24
  • Eye on the Shows

[PV Talk] Leather Seminar: Fashion & Innovation 

With Carine Montarras, Serge Haouzi and Emanuele Pierucci

PV Talk July 24 Technology
  • Eye on the Shows

[PV Talk] How Tech Is Tracing The Extended Product Lifecycle

With Amit Gautam, Louise Lenglart, Hasna Kourda, Namrata Sandhu and Sebastien Barillot

Talk technologie PV Paris July 24
  • Eye on the Shows

[PV Talk] How Tech Is Transforming Trend – And Everything That Comes After

With François Gonnot, Julie Evans, Julie Point and Ben Hanson

Démontage salon PVP Fev 24
  • Sustainability
  • Eye on the Shows

Première Vision Commits to Greening its Events

4,125 kg of materials were recovered at the last PV Paris show.