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The new edition of the jeanswear dedicated event will take place on 5 & 6 June at Milan’s Superstudio Più. Come meet denim experts from 19 countries, attend our series of conferences and discover exclusive fashion exhibitions.

Teaser AW 25-26 Season

The first images of the AW 25-26 season

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Colors of AW 25-26

A preview of the AW 25-26 color range


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Preview Denim - AH 25 26
  • Trends

AW 25-26 Denim Preview: Denim meets Sportswear

Denim meets sportswear for Autumn-Winter 25-26.

Recycling fishing nets
  • Sustainability

How to recycle pre- and post-consumption?

The aim is to reduce existing synthetic textile stocks.

Lauretana water
  • Eye on the Shows

Blu water meets Indigo : a partnership between Lauretana and Denim PV

The denim community acknowledges water as one of the most precious resources.

  • Eye on the Shows

The pitchs programme

Visit the Pitchs Area in Hall 6 !

Vittoria Valzania lys florentin
  • Eye on the Shows

“The Sustainable Enchantment of the Regenerated Lily”, a unique artistic experience at Denim PV

Artist Vittoria Valzania will be at Denim PV to talk about her work.

MODE exhibition Denim PV
  • Eye on the Shows

Special event: discover the collection M.O.D.E. – Museum of Denim Elleti Group at Denim PV

It is considered one of the most significant private denim collections in the world.

Hey Denim Designers
  • Eye on the Shows

[PV Talk] Hey Denim! What’s up ? The designers of Denim PV

4 designers will successively discuss new projects and innovations in denim.

Color Report Widget Magazine
ABW Denim
  • Sustainability

Denim PV to join the ‘a better way’ programme

The sustainable scheme for committed sourcing opens to another show.

stretchy fabrics
  • Sustainability

Alternative stretch fabrics: what sustainable options to supplant elastane?

Focus on mechanical stretch materials and new generation elastane.

PV colors hayleylohn
  • Trends

AW 25-26 Color Range Preview : The Power of Contrast

The Autumn Winter 2526 color range illustrates both the powerful contrasts giving life to the ...

Hey Denim what's up Exhibitors
  • Eye on the Shows

[PV Talk] Hey Denim! What’s up ? The Exhibitors of Denim PV

4 suppliers will successively discuss new projects and innovations in denim.

Talk PV Chaire IFM
  • Eye on the Shows

[PV Talk] – IFM-Première Vision Chair: understanding sustainable-fashion consumption patterns in young adults

With Gildas Minvielle, Director of IFM’s Economic Observatory.

textile glossary weaving
  • Market Insiders

Textile Glossary : Weaving

A weave is a right-angle structure, created by crossing two threads – a warp thread ...

PV Paris Fashion Seminar
  • Eye on the Shows

[PV Talk] Fashion Seminar AW 25-26

With Lucie Jeannot, Première Vision Fashion Team

Season Report EN SS25
Eco-innovation seminar July 24
  • Eye on the Shows

[PV Talk] Eco-innovation Seminar

With Béatrice Hugues, Première Vision Fashion Team

Indigo Icons : Maurizio Donadi
  • Market Insiders

Indigo Icons: Maurizio Donadi, the archivist of pre-loved garments

“I don’t look for anything in particular. I let objects find and choose me.”

Recyclage de la couleur
  • Sustainability

Native colors, augmented naturals, energy savings: everything you need to know about alternative colors

A focus on options for developing colored products with a lower impact

  • Trends

Autumn-Winter 25-26: The Season’s Theme revealed in a New Teaser

Autumn-Winter 25-26 invites us to intensify contrasts and explore the Extreme. Throughout its creative processes, ...

  • Trends

AW 25-26 Season Preview: Minimalist Excellence

In a season marked by contrast and the pursuit of extremes in virtuosity, mastercraftsmanship and stylistic identity, ...