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Keep up with all the latest news from the fashion markets and unique know-hows from outstanding textile suppliers in the Markets and Know-how sections of the Première Vision Magazine.

Throughout the year, both online and at our various shows, we turn the spotlight on spinners, weavers, accessory makers, textile design studios, tanners and fashion manufacturers, all selected for their unique skills and creativity.

Thanks to the expertise of our fashion team, you can also discover a series of in-depth articles introducing a range of materials and their specific characteristics, along with the know-hows and manufacturing techniques of the various textile industry sectors.

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Pelinova leather
  • Market Insiders

Transforming leather waste into a new high-end material: PELINOVA® reinvents recycled leather

Recyc Leather is at the forefront of sustainable fashion innovation.

KBC Logo
  • Market Insiders

E.Miroglio EAD announces acquisition of german Textile brand KBC

E.Miroglio EAD reinforces its commitment to innovation and excellence in the textile market.

ISKO denim casual line
  • Market Insiders

ISKO introduces Casual Line: sustainable, sophisticated comfort — fabrics for everyday

The Casual Line’s material formula combines elegance with durable, all-day comfort.

Hyeres 39 logo
  • Market Insiders

Meet the 10 finalists of the 2024 Hyères Festival 2024

The winner of the Fashion Prize will be crowned on 13 October at the villa ...

Kurz Sponsored Article PV Paris
  • Market Insiders

Let fashion shine!

Unique finishes for unique creations. Discover KURZ @ PV Paris 2024.

Celys fibers
  • Market Insiders

Unveiling the Science Behind CELYS™ Sustainable Fibre at PV Paris

Explore the innovative technology of CELYS™ sustainable fibre, showcased at PV Paris.

Imbotex padding
  • Market Insiders

Innovation, comfort and sustainability

Imbotex creates responsibly-grown and upcycled products for a more sustainable fashion.

PV Color Book SS 25
Solution Fairly Made
  • Market Insiders

The Fairly Made® solution, the trusted third party between brands and suppliers

Fairly Made® aims to enhance the commitment of factories and promote transparent collaboration.

Cover synthetic fibers
  • Market Insiders

Synthetic fibers

They are derived primarily from fossil resources and obtained through a process of chemical synthesis. 

LIla Relife
  • Market Insiders

Sustainability and Innovation – Clean Energy and Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Discover Lila Lace & Fabric’s commitment to more sustainable fashion.

Polyneon Green Recycled Embroidery Thread by Madeira
  • Market Insiders

Eco-conscious embroidery with Madeira Green

Madeira supports the idea of a circular economy with the Madeira Green product range.

Waycap Factory
  • Market Insiders

Waycap, iconic headwear makers

The Italian company is Europe’s leading producer of hats and soft accessories.

  • Eye on the Shows
  • Market Insiders

Maison d’Exceptions: Step into the world of ultra-creativity

For its 11th edition, Maison d’Exceptions brings together 20 carefully selected ateliers and artisans.

TMG supplier
  • Sustainability
  • Market Insiders

TMG: bridging innovation and sustainability 

TMG merges cutting-edge technology with a reduced ecological impact.

Color Report AW 24-25
textile glossary - artificial fibers
  • Market Insiders

Artificial fibers

Artificial fibers are part of the broad family of chemical fibers. Unlike natural fibers, they ...

Fasac Denim Stonhenge
  • Market Insiders

Interview with Fabio Trenti, CEO of Fasac S.p.A

A first taste of the collection presented during the next edition of Denim PV.

Fashion Art Denim creation
  • Market Insiders

Innovation and Education: FashionArt’s Sustainable Future

FashionArt S.p.A is internalising a substantial portion of its production processes.

Gommatex performance
  • Market Insiders

Gommatex, among the leading companies on its market: an innovation-driven supplier with high quality standards since 1960

A leader on its market, Gommatex is committed towards sustainable fashion.

Igor Dieryck laureat festival hyeres
  • Trends
  • Market Insiders

Color conversation with Igor Dieryck, winner of the Grand Prix du jury Mode at the Hyères Festival

Igor Dieryck, who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2022, swept ...