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On this page, you will discover the exclusive contents prepared by Première Vision to download, read, listen to and watch all year long.

The Fashion & Sustainability White Papers

Since 2015, Première Vision has been working alongside the industry’s key players to drive forward fashion’s eco-responsible transformation through expert content analyzing the major ecological challenges, gathered in a series of thematic Fashion & Sustainability white papers.

Recycling, traceability, circularity, biosourcing, biodegradability and new low-impact production and finishing processes, go into depth on all the topics shaking up the fashion ecosystem in free downloadable documents.


The industry’s major challenges

Discover the first Fashion & Sustainability white paper,
specially put together for you by Première Vision.

From traceability to biodegradability, recycling, bio-sourcing and sustainable labels, this first section offers an overview of the sector’s major issues, so together we can all move into the fashion industry of the future!


The keys to responsible sourcing

Discover the second volume of the Fashion & Sustainability white paper, specially put together for you by Première Vision.

Covering raw materials, accessories, leather, denim and sport&tech, this new volume accompanies you in the preparation of your responsible collections and will help you to move towards more enlightened sourcing.


From opacity to transparency

From understanding the value chain and its stakeholders
to collecting reliable information and passing it on to consumers, this white paper exposes all the major challenges of traceability and the solutions
available to assist the fashion industry with its responsible transformation.


Positive changes in a committed sector

From tracing skins to guaranteeing animal welfare, combating imported deforestation, innovating with low-impact tanning agents, overhauling tanning processes, implementing environmental management systems, and upcycling second-choice skins into fanciful products, this new white paper offers a deep dive into the remarkable resourcefulness of the leather industry.

The Season Reports of the
Première Vision fashion team

With an exclusive color range, the decodings of the major creative trends and the construction of precise, cutting-edge fashion information, the Première Vision fashion team works all year long to offer a forward-looking vision of the season’s key trends.

Get all the season’s fashion information, key trends, highlights, eco-responsible choices and innovations in the Première Vision Season Report. A concentrate of inspiration designed to accompany the development of your future collections.

Autumn-Winter 23-24


The AW 23-24 color range.

The film of the season.

The trend decodings for Eco-responsibility, Fabrics, Denim, Leather, Accessories, Decoration, Designs and Manufacturing sectors.

The Trend Tastings in replay.

Spring-Summer 24


The SS 24 color range.

The film of the season.

The trend decodings for Eco-responsibility, Fabrics, Denim, Leather, Accessories, Decoration, Designs and Manufacturing sectors.

The Trend Tastings in replay.

Smart Creation, the podcast

Produced in collaboration with Adrien Garcia, host of the “Entreprendre la mode” podcast, this monthly audio show decodes the fashion industry’s challenges in terms of eco-responsibility, sustainability and transparency.

Conversations are held in English with range of experts, who offer up their own views and suggest new ways of thinking about these important issues.

PV Paris talks in replay

With each new edition, Première Vision Paris offers a rich programme of talks and fashion seminars to enlighten its visitors on the major challenges facing the fashion industry, the advances and issues in terms eco-responsibility, the key fashion trends of the season and the latest innovations from professionals in the sector.

The February 23 talks


Spring-Summer 24 trends and eco-innovations


Smart Tech


The July 22 talks


Autumn-Winter 23-24 trends and eco-innovations




Articles on the Première Vision
online magazine

In addition to the latest PV shows news, the Première Vision online magazine offers year-round informative content on trends, sustainability and markets.

The Smart Keys

The Smart Keys are a series of practical articles designed to help you source materials in a more enlightened way.

From biodegradability to traceability, plant-based materials, chemical mysteries and eco-friendly accessories, each article unlocks ways to move step by step towards ethical and sustainable fashions.

The eco-questions

A question, an answer! The eco questions are there to give a clear, precise and synthetic explanation on a key eco-responsibility topics.

A condensed, but equally informative, version of the Smart Keys.

The know-hows

Thanks to the expertise of our fashion team, you can also discover a series of in-depth articles introducing a range of materials and their specific characteristics, along with the know-hows and manufacturing techniques of the various textile industry sectors.