Today’s eco-question

An extension of the decodings provided by the Smart Keys, the eco-questions address the key issues of traceability, technology and know-how in the broadest sense.

These compendiums of information shed light on tomorrow’s fashion challenges and help you to source more responsibly.

Responsabilité Élargie du Producteur
  • Sustainability

Eco-question: Extended Producer Responsibility – where do European and American regulations stand?

The implementation date of the EPR should be specified during 2024.

PFA ban
  • Sustainability

Eco-question: What is New York State’s PFA ban all about?

The ban is expected to go into full effect between late 2023 and late 2027.

New York Sustainability bill
  • Sustainability

Eco-question: « Fashion Act » – How the States of New York and Massachusetts intend to bring out change?

Businesses would have to comply with the terms of the Paris Agreement.

CSDDD European directive
  • Sustainability

Eco-question: Corporate Sustainable Directives – what are the differences between CSRD and CSDDD?

The CSDD aims to ensure responsible corporate conduct.

CSRD directive
  • Sustainability

Eco-question: CSRD–how will sustainability reporting evolve?

The new European directive will come into force in January 2024.

European deforestation-free regulation
  • Sustainability

Eco-question: European Deforestation-free Regulation–how does Europe combat deforestation?

The European Deforestation-free Regulation (EUDR) came into force in June 2023.

  • Sustainability

Eco-question: Eco-score—what will France’s environmental labeling tell us about our clothes?

Environmental labelling provides consumers with reliable, comprehensible information to encourage sustainable purchasing.

  • Sustainability

Today’s eco-question: Water-repellent, stain-resistant – how do textiles containing PFAs impact our environment?

Particularly in the outdoor sector, performance has often been coupled with fluorinated components.

  • Sustainability

Today’s eco-question: Can technology guide responsible production?

Various technological solutions are now being deployed to keep pace with sustainable production.

  • Sustainability

Today’s eco-question: Can avatars assist a sustainable approach?

Pure marketing announcements or well thought-out services, what do these solutions have to offer?

  • Sustainability

Today’s eco-question: Can algorithms and artificial intelligence serve a more responsible fashion?

The fashion of tomorrow relies on the meeting of data scientists and designers.

  • Sustainability

Today’s eco question: What are the criteria for evaluating responsible production?

A brand’s path to responsible transformation frequently begins with sourcing materials with reduced impact.

  • Sustainability

Today’s eco-question: What are the criteria for social responsibility?

Health, safety, salary, human rights: the social responsibility of brands covers many aspects.

  • Sustainability

Today’s eco-question: What are the principles of environmental labelling?

France’s environmental labelling scheme is driving the fashion industry towards greater sustainability.

Low-impact tanning
  • Sustainability

Today’s eco-question: What are the best options for low-impact tanning?

Whatever type or technology, tanning involves a significant use of chemicals, water and energy.