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In addition to the Première Vision Paris show, the main event on the upstream creative-fashion calendar, the Première Vision Group offers a complete range of events designed to assist you in your sourcing throughout the year.

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Talk IA fashion
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[PV Talk] Insights, Innovation, Inclusivity, And Inspiration – The Future Of AI For Fashion

With Nima Abbasi, Yonatan Guy Seda Domanic, Paul Mouginot and Ben Hanson

Talk conception 3D
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[PV Talk] 3D: A New Model For Design, Development And Downstream Experience

With Alexandre Nguyen, Robin Caudwell, Dominika Maria Szot and Ben Hanson

Talk textile industry challenges in Europe
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[PV Talk] Textiles and Clothing: The Major Challenges for Europe

With Olivier Ducatillion, LEMAITRE DEMEESTERE and Mario Jorge Machado, Euratex & Adalberto Textile Solutions, S.A

Talk sustainable fashion
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[PV Talk] The future of Sustainable Fashion: Material innovation, traceability and cooperation

With Antoine Bois, Quantis France and Sarah Needham, Textile Exchange

  • Sustainability
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Your eco-responsible sourcing itinerary at Première Vision Paris

Find all the solutions to help your sustainable sourcing at Première Vision Paris.

Visit itineraries July 24
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Visit itineraries to follow during Première Vision Paris

Discover the list of exhibitors from the 7 universes.

Projet Cuir Première Vision paris July 24
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French Tanners: know-how and innovation

PV offers a new exhibition format putting leather in the spotlight.

Color Report Widget Magazine
Talk Design2Deliver
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[PV NY Talk] Transforming Fashion with AI: From Design2Delivery

With Julie A. Evans, Fashion Tech Expert, & Matilda Kalaveshi, Fashion Retail Expert

Denim Collection AH 25-26
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Denim Première Vision: AW 25-26 Collection

An exclusive collection has been developed by Première Vision and fashion schools IED and NABA.

Logo Deveaux
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PV Paris Hostesses to Wear Uniforms Designed by Deveaux

Les tenues seront portées pour les éditions de juillet 24 et février 25.

Une PV Paris Olympic Games
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Resources mobilised to facilitate your visit

All the practical information you need to prepare your visit.

New deadstock on Première Vision show February 2024
  • Sustainability
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Première Vision Paris offers a dedicated space for exhibitors to sell their deadstock

The deadstock trail of PV Paris is available at the show and online.

Leather Seminar PV Paris July 24
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[PV Talk] Leather Seminar: Fashion & Innovation 

With Carine Montarras, Serge Haouzi and Emanuele Pierucci

PV Talk July 24 Technology
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[PV Talk] How Tech Is Tracing The Extended Product Lifecycle

With Amit Gautam, Louise Lenglart, Hasna Kourda, Namrata Sandhu and Sebastien Barillot

Season Report EN SS25
Talk technologie PV Paris July 24
  • Eye on the Shows

[PV Talk] How Tech Is Transforming Trend – And Everything That Comes After

With François Gonnot, Julie Evans, Julie Point and Ben Hanson

Démontage salon PVP Fev 24
  • Sustainability
  • Eye on the Shows

Première Vision Commits to Greening its Events

4,125 kg of materials were recovered at the last PV Paris show.

Lauretana water
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Blu water meets Indigo : a partnership between Lauretana and Denim PV

The denim community acknowledges water as one of the most precious resources.

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The pitchs programme on PV Paris

Visit the Pitchs Area in Hall 6 !

Vittoria Valzania lys florentin
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“The Sustainable Enchantment of the Regenerated Lily”, a unique artistic experience at Denim PV

Artist Vittoria Valzania will be at Denim PV to talk about her work.