Take a preview dip into Spring-Summer 2022 thanks to the Première Vision fashion team’s own favorites, and start exploring select exhibitors’ products now.

Whether imparting tangibility to unreality, or reconciling lightness and solidity, the S/S 22 season strives to make universes typically thought of as opposing newly permeable to each other.

Indicative of this conviction, transparency in all its diverse interpretations infuses next season’s creative directions. Breaking free of its connotations of frivolity and triviality, lightness emerges as both tangible and delicate, powerful and poetic.

Caring transparency

The season’s fabrics look firmly determined to throw off all superficial constraints. Silkies, including organzas, tulles, and nets, grow airy and refined, almost transparent, without entirely disappearing. Fabric structures featuring an interplay of more or less pronounced wrinkles and pleats enrich and enliven surfaces. They alight gently on the skin, skimming it like a promise of airy protection.

Materials are juxtaposed, creating perturbing plays on opacity. Matt and shiny yarns alternating on evanescent cut-yarn jacquards play with empty space. Accessories run through with vibrant reflections look traversed by colorful lights, enlivening glassy aspects with surprising shades.

Striking-looking buttons resembling 3D digitized flowers suggest floating optical illusions. Intricate metalwork evoking an evanescent holographic prism precisely shapes crystalline surfaces. As if through a magnifying glass, optical effects elaborated on volumes create a feeling of either enlargement or shrinking.

Embroidery designs are inspired by abstract patterns. The movements of structures and geometrical shapes feature slender and airy strokes, soaring lightly into the atmosphere.

Tangible transparency

Sensitive and tangible, poetic and pragmatic, the S/S 22 season emerges as the long overdue reconciliation of the real world and the digital world, which has been idealized for too long. Technique is combined with aesthetic research, for high-performant and highly desirable developments.

In Sport & Tech, fabrics are lightened to the extreme, growing almost featherweight. Waterproof and breathable bondings and membranes are lightened, for weightless protection.

Performance goes airy, for Outdoor products that this season prioritize freedom of movement. Windproof, breathable and water-repellent performance qualities enhance the surfaces of fabrics. Ripstops – broken down in subtly translucid, iridescent versions –  structure fabrics.

Tulles are as fine as can be, but embellished with thick embroidered yarns to underline their strength, and give a certain tangibility in spite of their evanescence, almost like the powerful, ultra-connected wired networks in the digital world.

In terms of accessories, zippers and functional items have a translucent look. They can be layered on fabrics without masking them, or unobtrusively disappear. Buttons use transparency to express a more fanciful side. Translucent resins reveal colored inclusions in bold, punchy colors. Colors blend together, like paints diluted and enclosed inside the gelled material, to create diffuse and artificial decorations drawn from a futuristic digital world…

Evanescent and tactile, the coming S/S 22 season showcases a desire for substance worked in lightness, an uncompromising reconciliation of innovation and aesthetics.

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