S/S 22  FAVORITES : Sensual Ease

A preview edit of exhibitors’ products by the Première Vision Paris fashion team –  for an early taste of Spring Summer 22.

A sensual appeal and an inviting perceptibility are the twin stakes laid down by Spring Summer 22, a season where fashion wields its powers of seduction with a new skill and intensity. To magnify beauty’s delights, materials turn to the powerful appeal of their handles, creating striking interactions between an initial reaction based on look, and the richness of the feel of a fabric or leather.


A desire to surprise and seduce is manifested in powerfully attractive fabrics with a heightened sensory appeal.

It’s impossible to resist the urge to run your hand across these enticing handles, which so effortlessly bridge the divide between comfort and beauty.

Both soft and enveloping, blends worked with artificial fibers, recycled Lyocell and Cupro are at once supple and caressing. The newest viscoses – eco-friendly, traceable and FSC-quality – slip easily into daytime looks without foregoing any of their innate elegance. Finishings impart a silky sensation, for garments that gracefully follow the body’s contours with a sensuous sway.

In women’s wear, a silky influence infuses knits, with smooth jerseys and firmly-set ribs marked by a dense fluidity. Fleeces grow finer while retaining their cozy softness –  smooth, malleable knits for chic and comfortable garments defying indoor/outdoor categorizations.

In men’s citywear, shirtings have a nonchalant look thanks to softened handles with an overall clean effect. Suitings strive for freedom of movement, emphasizing a flexible yet refined ease. 

The season’s cottony casual looks are deliberately languid, yet feature clean, refreshed visuals. Meantime, natural materials such as hemp and linen move away from their typically dry, rustic feel to welcome a pleasant suppleness and sensually soft handles.


This season, tanners are keen to multiply the sensory appeal of their latest products, honing their know-hows to craft highly technical leathers. These new leathers have a more substantial feel, resulting in a full fineness.

Lamb and calf leathers are so nourished they are almost syrupy, and champion an airy yet tangible lightness. They provide an interesting alternative for constructing garments that need to be fluid and moving. Leather thus plays a natural role in the season’s trend to chic comfort. To showcase the perfection of these skins, pants and dresses are pared down to the extreme; or, on the contrary, are cut fuller with elaborately crafted details such as gathers, exaggerated ruffles and feminine draping. 

Extremely fine nubucks and suedes are exquisitely, languidly unctuous, and vaunt complex behaviors that render them at once runny and springy.

Grainy, slightly thicker full-grain leathers have a fleshy roundness. Lightly oily, with an almost velvety aspect, they can be worn almost as a caressing and enveloping second skin. 

The latest vegetal-tanned leathers have a surprisingly reassuring and almost puffy softness, and are broken down next season in less casual, more feminine items. They can be worked with an interplay of draping and other pleated or gathered details, evoking the luscious motion of a meltingly soft and creamy caramel.

Full of delectable, sensory appeal, the coming S/S 22 season openly conveys a yearning to relearn the art of seduction, how to whet desire. Materials favor an uncompromising yet delicious comfort. Leathers are delightfully languid, just right for constructing sensuous and sensual garments.

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