Legoplast, being ahead of our times developing new trends

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With its modern industrial plant near Milan, Legoplast produces packaging for displayed products in different fields: clothing, cosmetic, stationery, gadgets and promotional gifts, home textile, and large-scale distribution.

The passion for new challenges and the different packaging solutions have allowed Legoplast to spread both on national and international markets as well as supply many important international brands in Europe, USA, China, Russia, and different Asian countries.

Our great creative flexibility allows us to develop and tailor each clients’ packaging request, from small companies to multinationals. A customised packaging must protect the product inside the bag, and the possibility to choose among the serigraphic, flexographic and foil printing combined with various shapes, finishes and colours is the key to increase the visibility of the packaging itself.

Legoplast policy is aimed at innovating and searching the latest technological innovations as well as at reducing the environmental impact. For this reason, we have invested in the last decades significant resources in the development of new sustainable materials and of new production strategies for work optimisation and automation. For example, we use only energy coming from renewable sources, LED lights, and we have adopted an industrial plan that permits to reduce the energy consumption during the production process.


Legoplast collaborates with Premiere Vision from many years and, also this year, we renew and increase our products’ offer with different solutions, from 100% recyclable and reusable classic plastic materials to green solutions like recycled plastics, PP-ECO and PE-ECO (degradable polypropylene and polyethylene), compostable materials and bioplastic. All these sustainable materials maintain the same physical characteristics of classic plastics in terms of strength, flexibility, durability, and protection.

In addition, Legoplast has developed a virtual stand for this special edition of Premiere Vision where our visitors can see and personalise our different packaging solutions according to their needs.

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