S/S22 Decoding by universe – Dresses & blouses

Discover the S/S 22 season’s fabric highlights for dresses and blouses, as selected by the Première Vision Paris fashion team.

Something fresh and frivolous emanates from the collections for next season’s dresses and blouses. Spurred by a taste for seduction, fabrics for fluid cuts, laces and embroidery all champion a graceful, sexy and playful style. Femininity stakes out a youthful appeal in evening looks, an even more so for day wear. Boosted by vitamin-enriched color schemes and easy-going materials, plains and decoration are precious but not ostentatious.

Dynamically bucolic

In an effort to enliven but not overload, a fanciful sparkle is sprinkled over transparency, an invitation to elaborate light pieces decorated with layered, shirred or ruffled details.

Motifs have an innocent look, while scattered bucolic florals and dots are dispersed on delicate grounds, heralding a springtime insouciance. Cottony voiles and mousselines are embellished with discreet plumetis and miniaturized cut-yarn jacquards. Micro-printed tulle or mini burnt-out all-overs modestly reveal the skin.


Figured monochrome

Plains are lightened to the extreme and reveal lively surfaces, to elaborate blouses and dresses of a refined simplicity. Viscose blends and semi-transparent silkies are embellished with figured effects or fine slubs. Flowing pieces play on fluidity in a monochromatic vein, via geometric motifs with rounded shapes.

Grand-scale openwork

Eyelet embroideries take on voraciously bright shades worked in plains or fresh and tangy contrasting two-tones. Their patterns are enlarged and significantly emptied out to move away from a classic romanticism and indulge in sprightly fantasies. Ornaments are pared down, favoring dresses and tops with clean lines, and fuller or shortened volumes. Placements situated on the bottom are an invitation to rethink lengths and elaborate bold cut-outs.

Energetic laces

The delicacy of lace boldly ventures into the sports arena, striving to offer a new kind of glamour, one that’s joyful and enticing but always shot through with freshness. In nets and Chantilly lace, plays on tulle accentuate the graphic impact of patterns, whose charm is enhanced by the vitality of their colorways.



Mischievous shimmers

Soft and luminous iridescence shifts preciousness into an everyday register. Metallo-plastic yarns enhance laces, knits and embroideries. To ensure the modernity of stand-out items, gleam is adorned with pastel reflections, and patterns eschew any grandiosity.

From casualwear to evening apparel, hybrid knits ranging from jersey to lamé reveal a taste for understated seduction. They are an invitation to design cut-sewn dresses and blouses that combine comfort and good looks, for indoor and outdoor uses.


Discover the entire Fabrics’ selection from the Première Vision Fashion Team.

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