S/S22 Decoding by universe: Sport & Tech

Sport and technical fabrics play to their seductive appeal. Their cutting-edge and increasingly versatile functions easily crossover from city to performant garb, and have a refined allure. Precious shine, caressing gummy handles, a featherweight, almost transparent, lightness and a multi-layered ultra-fineness fuse in a harmony of function and sensory appeal.

High-strength / High chic

Go for reliability and durability with tried-and-tested blends with a suiting look, elegant Cordura®, (almost) tearproof denims, and knits that are both fine and robust. For getting around town, hopping on e-scooters and braving the elements, comfort and function go hand in hand with elegance.

Body-shaping stretch

The goal? Compression, comfort, gentle reshaping, freedom of movement… in short, a healthy mind in a healthy body! The positive energy of fitness and wellness is adapted to all bodies and moves into our daily lives – for swimwear, gym and telecommuting.  Matt, smooth and fancy ribbed knits; “cosmetic” yarns and functions. Featherweight and super-stretch wovens, for a truly extreme outerwear, just right for everyday or trail running.

Precious reflections

A silky refinement and shine enhance the seductive appeal of functional rain gear and featherweights. Fabrics borrow from a couture register – taffeta, satin, faille – with a glossy gleam or cold metallic look for a touch of the theatrical in the sports world! Majestic trench coats and big volumes are sure to capture the light!

Smart transparency

Increasingly delicate and multi-performance color filters! Their fragile appearance and shivering matt surfaces harbor advanced functions, great for more advanced sporting practices or just to enhance daily life with an eye to beauty. Impervious, breathable, windproof or down-proof, recycled polyamides and polyamides dominate the playing field.


The cottony aspect of seersucker and shirting-style crepons breathe life into beachy and outdoor looks. In swimwear, this candid freshness is expressed in ultra-lightweight shrinkings and charming color-wovens. Small, random waves enliven fabrics for outdoor wear, which are less smooth and more lively.

First-in-class polyamides

Recycled polyamides for functional city or sporty casual items. A cottony mattness, poplin and micro-canvas weaves and slight yarn irregularities strengthen the perception of naturalness. Materials elaborated in a virtuous way, right up to the finishing touches, PFC-free naturally.

Techno tachism

Like luminous camouflage – made to be seen! Crackled effets, fused contours and blurry spots break free of expected style registers for more acidic colors. Out to conquer city streets and mountain peaks, rainwear and windbreakers show a taste for fantasy!

By gum!

Rubber finishes and lower weights! Super smooth and matt handles, as soft as talcum powder and as pliable as chewing gum. Waterproof and breathable coatings that are extremely fine and completely uniform, for clothes with perfect, designer curves. 

Discover the Première Vision Fashion Teal’s selection for the technical fabrics.

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