The spring/summer 22 season is determined and resolutely forward-facing, showcasing fashion that combines seduction with comfort. The Citywear silhouettes are inspired by this trend, aiming to push back boundaries and open up possibilities for new aesthetic codes.


A more relaxed appearance is emerging, softening the suit with the materials of denimwear while still favouring a seductive elegance. Inspired by the sartorial spirit, cuts tend towards precision and express a conquering attitude. While volumes are proudly ample and square shoulders boldly show off their imposing frame, trousers exaggeratedly elongate the leg and nonchalantly spill over shoes. Produced in a raw and ultra-dark indigo this crossover jacket and trouser pairing revisits the classic navy two-piece. The denim spirit, with its visible threads in a diagonal weave or in bourrette silk add a note of relaxation to the apparent rigour. As if immersed in the indigo, the stripes offer a version more adapted to summer.

The use of Lyocell or cellulose blends in the clean pastel or medium blues brings fluidity and sensuality to the garments. Smaller items have invigorating soft colours and slim volumes: short polo-shirts in mercerized quilted cotton inspired by chic casualwear alongside light shirts given a subtle satin finish and worn unbuttoned.  

Accessories are influenced by the Sport Deluxe spirit. Heritage sneakers with clean lines combine the caressing texture of suede with the smooth, glazed finish of delicately coloured calfskin. Bags blend pragmatism, in their resized tote format, with a perfect matt finish of new vegetable tanning methods for the leathers.


Echoing this season’s trend for comfort both indoors and outdoors, fluidity is a major trend in masculine and feminine looks. A fluidity that cleverly materialises a somewhat showy visual elegance with generous and sensual textures.

Handles are full and pliable and offer an attractive consistency.

Trousers are expanding under the influence of heavy cellulose blends, whose fibres can claim attractive eco-responsible performances: organic, recycled or bio-sourced.

Jackets are worn long but fitted, belted at the waist or with strong cuts to showcase generous curves. This generosity is accentuated by the use of orangey and pinkish tones, employed on the silhouette in rich monochromes.

Viscose knits bring silky fluidity underlined by regular ribs that benevolently caress the skin with every movement.

Tops adopt sinuous patterns: undulating vibrations imitate movement, which in turn is accentuated by the choice of bold and contrasting colours for surprising and ostentatious looks.

For dresses and skirts, leathers are syrupy to enhance very feminine details of drapes or gathers. At times, leathers become almost liquid to create dressy and sexy jackets to be worn outrageously unbuttoned, like a second skin. Accessories are proud of their roundness and are boldly interwoven in provocative colour palettes to bring a new look to bags with rather classic, ladylike volumes.


The genderless spirit continues to infuse the season’s silhouettes and satin finishes are a unanimous presence on citywear.

Short bomber jackets are dressed down with sportswear details – XXL flat pockets, wide ribs, straps – in a close-fitting style. Trousers have structured details: darts, high waists. They offer ample volumes thanks to the draped fabric and combine optimal comfort with a chic allure. Small outerwear garments with clean lines are produced in silky and high-performance knits: fast dry, breathable, etc.

Long, close-fitting shirts take on gently sparkling highlights and play with transparency using opaque fabrics that reveal the body with a certain false modesty.

The colour harmonies of this silhouette are accompanied by disruptive colour blocks. From Framboise pink to Nicotine blue and Azote purple, for interchangeable and sexy looks.

Accessories opt for bold colour choices and extremely minimalist formats to satisfy the desires of city dwellers used to new urban mobilities. Inspired by women’s cross-body bags, these micro-pouches are produced in Nicotine blue, using grained leather and are used to carry the electronic devices of our daily lives. To relax the silhouette, the sneakers are decorated with dynamic colour blocks such as Citrine yellow, combined with mild pastels such as Azote purple and Peau Digital pink.

The Citywear silhouettes for S/S22 blend codes and genres to produce creative proposals that reconcile comfortable apparel and seductive fashion.

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