S/S22 FABRICS & DESIGNS : Bold decoration

Discover the decorations highlights for spring-summer 22 in silkies, laces, embroideries, designs, prints and jacquards.

For spring-summer 22, decorations delight in bold and offbeat themes. Straightforward visuals in surprising colorways don’t shy from making a heightened graphic impact. Figurative patterns recount memories of trips to the beach and a taste for escapism. Flowers are transformed, for a new kind of seductive appeal. The digital world extends its influence, unleashing an unbridled imaginary realm that plunges the season into a dreamscape.


Plant graphics
In both designs and prints, a vivacious profusion of flowers radiates an affirmed graphic spirit in forthright colorways.  Rounded, worked in flat tints, petals are generous and grounds are full, to heighten the visual impact of copious blooms. Summery combinations and mixes of lively and iridescent harmonies are worked on blends of silk and sustainable, traceable viscose. Leaves and stems appropriate colors from beyond the world of vegetation, for an offbeat nature, occasionally veering into more figurative and naive interpretations.

Bold geometry
Geometrics go in for a certain decadent look in a nod to the Sixties. Flashy, pop-hued prints have a contemporary

freshness, worked in scarf-life designs on recycled polyester crepes or engineered all-over motifs on silks and eco-friendly viscoses. Graphic inspirations intersect, intertwine and pile up, to propose playful new colorful combinations.

Striking stripes
Spring-summer 22 is marked by the return of stripes in decorations. Yarn-dyed bayadere stripes are strong, wide and clear-cut. They call for a certain meticulousness, and tend to eco-friendly grounds. Evenly spaced stripes welcome a charming lightness on cotton voiles and refined linen blends They play on figured details, and reveal delightful irregularities.

Exhibitors: Intesa C., Na Superficie, La EstampaCréations Robert Vernet, Nuances, Akteks Tekstil / Neon , Sprintex,Trouillet / Stock-Union , Delago, Mandarin, Cotonificio Ronghi, LioliosDavina Nathan Design, SungminC . Pauli,  Mantero Seta, Tintex Textiles, FTF – France Textile Fabrication, Inplet Pletiva,  Nova Laneria – Torres Pradas, Textil Settam, Beco International,  Jiaxin Silk , Korukcu Tekstil, Ratti,Lemar, Vilartex, Trouillet / Stock-Union, Dutel Création,  Minami, Ozcimen Tekstil


Underwater escape
Fabrics make a summer getaway to warm sands, traveling across seabeds teeming with schools of fish, coral, algae and crustaceans of every kind. Prints, embroideries, jacquards, laces and designs are also party to this urge for a poetic escape. Scattered sea shells wash up on shifting knits and fabrics. Algae and coral are embellished with sequins and lend a shimmer to tulles. In jacquards, aquatic fauna feature metallic reflections, while meticulous patterns invoke the memory of a wonderful deep-sea dive.

New horizons
Summer is continued on heavenly beaches. Decorations express the shade of a palm tree, warm breezes and turquoise seas. A fantasized cityscape is traced out in cut-yarn jacquards. In prints and designs, landscapes recalling

sketchbooks come to life. Warm tones reveal yellow-orangey color schemes. The naturalness of drier landscapes and vegetation favors the use of lineny grounds. Patterns are worked in engineered XXL formats, or in tiny spaced-out all-overs.

Spring bouquets
Freshly-picked meadow flowers and country-garden blooms are worked into joyful, spring-time bouquets. In prints and designs, mini groupings of petals and twigs move into cottons. Embroideries on tulle or voile accompany the fineness and delicacy of the flowers. Refreshed prints attract curious birds, while bucolic bouquets are enhanced with accumulated techniques. Prints on sequins and over-printed eyelet embroidery convey a strong vitality.

Exhibitors: Monday&Co., Adalberto Estampados, FCN Textiles, Raylace Embroidery, Kunjut, Dutel CréationAvrupa Pasifik, Margaret, Akteks Tekstil / Neon, Créations Robert Vernet, Hang Gang Lace, Saltbox Printhouse, Cotonificio Ronghi, Deveaux,  Alpha, Margaret, Avrupa PasifikMonetiro, Studio Sense, Bischoff GroupAcatel, Dutel Création, Mitwill Textiles Europe, Antonieta Prints, Trouillet / Stock-UnionKhoder Bros Group, Elena Romero, Ilay Textile, Monetiro, Ricamificio Gimar, Mi.Gra. Since 1988 SRL, Akteks Tekstil / Neon, La Estampa, Elena RomeroMitwill Textiles Europe, DeveauxFlavie_Surfacepatterndesigner, Ipeker, Trouillet / Stock-Union, Wakefield DesignsAvrupa Pasifik, Textil Dimas S.A.


Transformed flowers
Flowers are meant to be non-conformist this season. Worked in palettes of reds, pinks and purplish tones, they have a seductive visual appeal, with intense colorways and abundant know-hows. Florals feature added-up prints, cut-yarn jacquards, metallic yarns and embroideries. Flowers are transformed, growing seductive and bewitching through their enlarged sizes and modified shapes. In a more abstract vein, they lend a Garden of Eden feeling to decoration, almost too beautiful to be true.


Enticing vegetation
The plants featured in the season’s designs charm us, and have an almost edible look. Exaggeratedly long stems unfurl, intertwine and spread out. Flowers are infused with reddish and pinkish tones in a symbolic representation of passion. Patterns are worked on full, solid grounds that lend a visual paleness. Plants are accumulated in all-over designs, forming a welcoming vegetal barrier.

Exhibitors: FTF – France Textile FabricationStudio Sense, Alpha, Kunjut, Alpha, Song I Textile, Malhia KentIpeker, Soieries Roger Cheval, Elena Romero, Monday&Co., Monetiro, Margaret, Antonieta Prints


Printed circuits
This season is inspired by the digital world – and decorations prove no exception. Jacquards, lace and embroidery are all about a connected experience. Visuals evoking printed circuits and digital networks feature copy-and-pasted shapes to create computerized labyrinths. The idea of a joyful and sumptuous digital world is colorfully expressed with carefully affixed sequins, vividly-contrasting ornaments and pixel-like prints on embroideries. Laces sprinkled with glittering yarns evoke sparkly electronic matrices.


Digital gradations
Virtual shines change up the shapes and colors of patterns. Luminous flashes, intermittent glitches, and undulating digital shapes are disseminated in virtual clouds. The digital inspiration steers motifs into an artificial atmosphere inspired by video games. Patterns have fun playing with contrasts, and are mischievously slipped into grounds with a sensual fluidity.

Exhibitors: Unitex Material, Raylace Embroidery, Donglong Lace, Lanificio di Sordevolo,  Malhia Kent, Hang Gang Lace, Roja Embroidery & Lace, Solstudio Textile DesignSilvia Cairol | Design Studio, Blind & Naked, Charis Herrick, London College Of Fashion, Davina Nathan Design, La Estampa, Studio Sense, Abby Lichtman Design, Ipeker

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