S/S22 FABRICS: Charming audacity

Discover the season’s fabric highlights for knits, plain and fancy wovens, silkies, shirtings, tailoring and technical fabrics.

To anticipate the seductive and inviting fashions of Spring/Summer 22, fabrics vaunt a tactile and visual beauty. Handles grow more voluptuous, materials become more supple and fluid behaviors retain a certain consistency. Lighter weights ensuring freedom of movement reverberate across the season, even growing transparent for fun and playful reveals. A festive appetite gives a starring role to shine, to light up the summer with sparkling gleams. Naturalness heightens its powers of attraction, with surfaces enlivened with deliberate linen irregularities, while an indigo spirit transcends denims to infuse plains. 


Voluptuous fluidity
Textiles fulfil a number of wishes this season, and meet a threefold challenge:  they provide a caressing touch, an essential freedom of movement, and an attractive appeal when worn.  Feminine silkies and knits glide vigorously over the body thanks to silk or viscose blends with elaborate finishings.

Shirtings, casual fabrics and suitings
continue to break free of men’s style codes, happily saying farewell to rigidity and hello to lightness. Blends of natural and artificial fibers are an invitation to conceive fuller, more dancing and dynamic silhouettes.

Exhibitors: Uni Textile, Hana Textile, Pastel by Yilmazipek,ER-EZ Dokuma Kumas Tekstil, Ekoten Tekstil, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Song I Textile, Jiaxin Silk, Kaynak, Joshua Ellis

Structured transparencies
Enjoying the outdoors in equally enjoyable fabrics is the technical feat pulled off by the season’s specialists in women’s apparel and performant fabrics. For outdoors and sports, functional products attain maximum fineness, and windstops, waterproofs and waterproof/breathables look to be translucent. Synthetic ripstops and voiles shed their weight, for protective items with a minimal bulk and a diaphanous look.

Knits, silkies and shirtings
play on the contrast between the delicacy of the fabric and the solid look of the constructions. Openwork can playfully reveal or disclose, with ribs lending a stripey look to transparency, woven or embroidered crisscross designs, and figured effects to provide structure.

Exhibitors: Raylace Embroidery, Deveaux, Premier-Tex Torres Pradas, Texever Plus, Fantasie Tricot, Carlo Pozzi, Tekboy Tekstil, Tessitura Corti, Tekboy Tekstil

Glittering sparkle
Surfaces are joyfully and effortlessly enlivened by iridescent vibrations. Precious accents light up cottony and silky plains. There’s nothing theatrical about the season’s quest for sparkle: lamés enliven shirtings, and gem-like effects enhance knit fabrics for sweaters.

Shimmering fancy tweeds are freshened up with pastel shades, and softened by spongy yarns. Lace and embroidery favor a metallic glint combined with spruce colorways, for a summer marked by a sparkling vitality.

Exhibitors: Tessitura Corti, Uni Textile, JCR GROUPE, Topson Textile, Ruffo Coli Tessuti, Kotonteks, Preview, Dentelles Jean Bracq, Ozcimen Tekstil, Brecotessile, Linton Tweeds, Linton Tweeds

Lineny elegance
A natural charm casts a wider spell this season, extending from suitings to silkies. The irregularities of plant fibers are clearly perceptible yet don’t feel harsh to the touch. Knits tame linen fibres and linen jerseys take on a lustrous look for  both relaxed and refined uses. Men’s suitings and shirtings go in for yarn-dyed fantasy.

Slubbed effects lend wools a very summery note. Tennis stripes, windowpane checks and semi-plains reveal an elegance slightly tinged with rusticity. Dense silks and viscose blended with linens, hemps and ramie point to silhouettes marked by a chic and natural suppleness.

Exhibitors: Fitecom,Mileta, Abraham Moon, Albini Group, Mantero Seta, Lanificio Caverni, Klasikine Tekstile, Libeco, TMG Textiles, Lepere Oursport, Matias Araujo, NGS Malhas, Familitex, Tessitura Di Crevacuore, Linopersempre, Folgarolas Textile

Indigo detours
Beyond the world of jeanswear, a denim influence is overtaking plains and infusing fantasy. Indigo knits and shirtings cast a vote for tops with a Japanese accent. Suitings evoke denim weaves, encouraging more versatile uses for them.

Embroideries and jacquards
are inspired by washed-out nuances, for a monochrome fantasy. Denim specialists are also interested in exploring the fabric’s new detours, jumping on the urge for elegance.

Exhibitors: A Grupe UAB, Tosco, JCR Groupe, Antik Dantel, Mackent,Telatex, A.Sampaio & Filhos, Or-Bey, Pinteks, Troficolor Denim Makers, Tosco, Esenteks

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