S/S22 ACCESSORIES: Between evanescent visuals and bold textures

Discover the accessories and componants highlights for the spring-summer 22 season.

Light and texture are at the heart of accessories this season. The material and the ethereal combine to create a new seductive and ambiguous reality. Components, textile accessories, buttons and labels delight in visual disruption, variable luminosities and composite structures. Accessories inspired by raw materials innovate with the vision of vegetal technology with eco-responsible performances.


Shifting opacities
Textured, opacified, milky or crystalline, the many shades of translucence embellish the season’s accessories. A superimposition of transparency that blurs and enlivens the decorations on labels, englobing and distorting the components delicately imprisoned within them.


Fake invisibles
Accessories play with our perceptions and pretend to disappear. Only the coloured rim of a button remains visible, complex facets are revealed through iridescent gleams. In a reversal of roles, the inclusions poured into recycled polyester resins and plant-based bio plastics take centre stage. The internal mechanism of zips and stoppers becomes a decorative element.

Exhibitors: SatabWe NordicABMValter  – SamaLuca CuccoliniNilornFriebaIDT GroupYKKFashion TexInvoga BarigLabamLabels and things – ABMInvogaUnizipSABBoutons KocherLégoplastValterLégoplastMeynier A. & fils


Virtual fluctuations
Accessories embrace metallic and holographic highlights in a digital dreamlike spirit. Iridescent and technical shines are softened, mattified.  A visual softness generated by imperceptible fluctuating colour gradients that are revealed through movement. Lurex thread in ribbons, anodized metallizations on buttons and labels like filters with an iridescent shine.


Digital folk
A contemporary reworking of folk motifs of varied and mixed inspirations. A binary rhythm, sequenced like lines of computer code, pixilation and graphic deformation. A new digital gesture that modernizes decors on buttons and the jacquard patterns of textile accessories.

Exhibitors: Satab – Compagnie française du boutonClose to clothesBarigCrepin PetitNilornJulien FaureSurfaces SynergieValterAchille ValeraSAB – Julien FaureNilornBoutons KocherFriebaSociété choletaise de fabricationSociété choletaise de fabrication – Meynier A & fils  – VostexSatab

Accessories are looking for new and atypical forms through compositions with the appearance of reconstructed modules. Forms are fragmented, hollowed-out. There is fun in these structures made of solids and voids.

A more geometric approach can be seen in textile accessories with effects of constructed micro-threads, netting, multi-pane checks and honeycombed structures.

Exhibitors: ACMNilornSABACM – SBS2B LabelsFrieba Barig UtaxSo.Tex.CoSama – Luca Cuccolini LegoplastInvoga


Powdery sensuality
A tale of powdery surfaces with an irregular appearance. An almost makeup-like mattness, soft harmonies in pastel shades. Appearing on sustainable developments with bio-sourced components or on recycled paper, accessories reveal a new, seductive side to eco-responsibility. A delicate creativity in compacted, speckled powdery textures that appear to be sprinkled or velvety, pillowy, marshmallow appearances.


Solar gradients
A desire for softness which combines with the colour gradients effects of the season. Peaceful coats of colour evoke summer sunsets. A poetic delicacy reveals the marks left by the passage of time, the natural wear and tear, subtle decolouration and solarized effects.

Exhibitors: LabamBottonificio PIiemonteseSABVarcotexABMSBSSurfaces SynergieValterFashion tex  – Nilorn – Meynier A. et fils Achille Valera De BernardiShindoIDT GroupCrépin PetitBottonificio piemonteseSamaLuca Cuccolini – VostexUnizip – UtaxAchile Valera

Nature is transformed, seductive, dares to take on an imaginary and surreal character with dangerously looping and snaking stems. An extraordinary vegetation made of fluffy and tentacular structures proliferates through sensual streams of flowers. 

Ornamental decorations
, accessories in expansion, an animal and floral mutation in embroidery. Sustainable materials reveal a fanciful vision of the ecological conscience.

Exhibitors:  Emmetex – InvogaDomarValterVialatonSamaABM –  FriebaJulien FaureCrépin Petit  – IDT Group Sakura lace

A modernised and refined rusticity. Magnify the apparent simplicity of natural materials to extract their essences. Lace, cords and braids display their irregularities with refinement. 

Wood aspects
, undulating natural textures and artisanal know-how are an inspiration for accessories with a reduced environmental impact.

Exhibitors: Kawaï LaceClose to clothesBoutons  KocherVostexLécuyerInvogaCrépin Petit–  LampoSociété choletaise de fabrication– Compagnie Française du boutonJulien FaureMeynier  A  & filsIDT Group  – Labam – BRB – Serilabel  –Société Choletaise de fabrication –ACMWe Nordic – Luca CuccoliniLabels  and things – ACM

Check out the entire Première Vision Fashion Team Accessories’ selection for Spring-Summer 22.

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