S/S22 FABRICS: Captivating freshness

Discover the season’s highlights for knits, plain and fancy wovens, silkies, shirtings, and casual, tailored and technical textiles.

Heralding a fresh and optimistic spring summer 22 full of lighthearted fashions, surfaces with shivering textures grow airy; handles have a graceful delicacy; and compacts are refined to the max. Weavers and knitters deftly combine fabric blends, plays on structures, and colorful finishings to convey a feeling of freshness – whether visible or tactile. Lighter colorways play on subtly graduated shades, but textures are neat. There’s a hint of delicacy in the season’s fabrics, to better craft a charming and seductive chic.

Knit and woven
structures vaunt their neatness. Piqués are broken down in a range of fancy interpretations. When enlarged, they lend a richness to textures, perfect for outer-layers, jackets and rainwear with a controlled fantasy. Complex weaves retain an outward simplicity.

Mathematically-precise textures contrast with the suppleness of knits, and structure the fluidity of silkies. The forthright freshness of cottony products is an invitation to pare down the volume in dresses and ensembles.

Exhibitors: Lanificio Raphael, Woojoo Global, Elitex,TMG Textiles, Lanificio Becagli,Long Advance Int’l, BTD Textile, Les Tissages Perrin, Akin Tekstil, Lanificio di Sordevolo

Slight shivers
The charm of seersucker extends beyond shirtings, winning over all universes. Fabrics intended for swimwear, dresses and jackets treat themselves to its ingenue freshness. Waterproof and wind-stop technical textiles are enlivened by fine wavelets, for livelier outdoor wear.

imitate creponned weaves, for cut-sewn styles with the look of naive, artless shirts. Silkies borrow seersucker’s cottony look, prefiguring everyday yet seductive silhouettes.

Exhibitors: Belinac, ER-EZ Dokuma Kumas Tekstil, Serates, Esentek, Shinjintex, Korukcu Tekstil, Nilba Tekstil, Tessitura Corti, BTD Textile, Botas Nehir

Nuanced paleness
A desire for softness and luminosity is visible on fabric surfaces, which feature very delicately varied tones. A chambray spirit influences jacket and shirting linens, and brightens suit fabrics. Washes look almost overexposed to sunlight, for clean casual garb or garment-wash developments with a freshly worn aspect.

Yarn-dyed shirtings
and knits look almost light-filtered, with stripes and checks blurring into an overall pale effect , for captivating tops.

Exhibitors: Manufacture Française de Textile, Tessitura Carlo Bassetti, Menchi Tessuti, Menchi Tessuti, Lanificio Caverni, Troficolor Denim Makers, Haseller,New Junior Torres Pradas, Deveaux, Pontetorto, Menchi Tessuti

Densified fineness
are re-imagined, at once strong and lightweight, compact and malleable, to breathe new life into structured garments. Weights are calibrated down to the gram, and woven and knit structures are invisible. The use of stretch adds density, and impeccable finishes accentuate surfaces’ smooth uniformity.

The season’s slimmer yet perfectly stable double-knits, performant triple-layers with the look of fine suitings, and dynamic, floaty cottons and wools convey lightness in a masculine vein, to inscribe the elegance of suits in a new era, far removed from all formalism.

Exhibitors: TMG Textiles, Kanemasa Knitting, Nova Laneria Torres Prada,Delta Tex, Akin Tekstil, Le tinte by Stylem Italia, Long Advance Int’l, Akin Tekstil, Albini Group, Ipekis, Lanificio Raphael

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