Discover the high points of the season for eco-responsible developments and innovations in fibres, threads, fabrics, ornaments, leathers and accessories.

S/S 22 demonstrates its appetite for simultaneously seductive and responsible fashion. The ecological advances achieved with raw materials and across all processes have resulted in developments that are even more specialised and creative. Voluptuous and captivating, materials and ornaments play with our senses, offering highly attractive products with ever-greater ecological intelligence.

Sustainably smooth
This season, eco-responsibility goes beyond pure rationality to fulfil new desires for creative emancipation. The season’s materials proudly dare to adopt textures that are pleasing for the body and for the environment. Fibres and yarns focus on developments with a low chemical impact. Naturals move away from their raw state to gain in softness. Artificials such 

as lyocell and viscose are on a quest for traceability and pursue sensoriality. In leather, vegetable tanning has evolved and tannins free of heavy metals rival each other to magnify the intrinsic sensuality of the skins. Tanneries have concocted new recipes that create more sophisticated appearances, richer handles and spark new creative possibilities.

Exhibitors: Tannerie Arnal, FC Creacio i Innovacio, MarmaraDeri, Cuirs du Futur,Shinjintex,Utenos Trikotazas,Yilmaz Kumascilik, Kale Iplik, Cotonea, Kotukcu Tekstil, Tintex Textiles, Naia by Eastman, Trimalhas, Sateri, Filasa, Lenzing

Eco flexible
Conjugating comfort and extension is now within reach. Mechanical stretches are no longer the only option for a more sustainable elasticity. Recycled elastanes have progressed in technical textiles, especially for sports, outdoors or swimwear.

Specialists in circular knits have also explored this more responsible elasticity, with strong jerseys and sheathing interlocks. This season, tanneries have adopted elasticity, producing metal-free stretch leathers for creating garments that fit like a second skin.

Exhibitors: Tintex Textiles,Tmg Textiles, G. Vision, A. Sampaio & Filhos, Long Advance Int’l,Shinkong Textile, Parlamis Terstil, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Rdd, Texteis JF Almeida SA,Polyteks,Marmara Deri, S.C.P.

Respectful fashions
Fashion finishes and environmental consciousness have clearly become compatible. Ecological products no longer restricted to having a basic appearance, and very fancy products are staking their claim for festive occasions. A new definition of glamour is being established in order to reconcile seductive potential and ecological demands. Prints, embroideries, laces and jacquards multiply their ecological properties. 

The new finishes are designed in an eco-responsible style, with bio-polyurethane coatings giving a precious shine while promoting a reduced chemical impact. Fashion finishes also appear on leathers tanned without heavy metals, which are adopting ornamentation. Metallic accessories explore greener galvanisation techniques. While in buttons and buckles, bio-polymer resins reveal beautiful transparencies with a rich, syrupy appearance, like multi-coloured candy. 

Exhibitors: Vialaton-Martin, Pontetorto, Bischoff Group, Iluna Group SRL,La Estampa, Sprintex, Akteks Tekstil/Neon, Lenzing, Bucol, Marmara Deri, Ictyos, Alran, Nuo,Lampo Lanfranchi, ABM, SBS Zipper, Nilorn Belgium, Compagnie Française du Bouton, ABM, ACM, Stelmar

Benevolent fluffiness
Leathers and fabrics
combine comfort and eco-responsibility in materials offering a lightweight caress. Fresh and comforting, fleeces and towelling take on summer softness, developed from organic cottons that are either pure or blended with lyocell, ramie or pineapple fibre.

In leather, the thickest skins gain in sponginess thanks to new vegetable-tanning processes, with a handle that is both plump and airy. Metal-free suede leathers are developed in ultra-lightweight densities and offer luminous acid-bright colours.

Exhibitors: FC Creacio i Innovacio, Raynaud, Dani, Tessuti&Tessuti, Ecopel, Crispim Abreum, Sateri, Tosco, Ecopel,Vilartex, Trimalhas, Crispim Abreu, Linton Tweeds, Balas Textile, Bugis, Minami

This S/S 22, the power of seduction and ecological conscience are essential and inseparable for your next collections.

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