S/S22 LEATHER: A highly sensorial season

Discover the season highlights for leathers and furs.

A vector of emotions, the epitome of tactile, this season’s leather stimulates the senses, exploring new nuances between hands and textures with generosity and a predilection for bold textures. Leathers enjoy a complicity with light and evoke the influence of time and the elements, creators of noticeable irregularities. Sustainable improvements and innovations can be seen at all levels of leather processing, firmly anchoring leather in its eco-responsible future.


Luminous interferences
Leathers come to life under the fluctuating effects of light. In movement, skins are embellished by luminous interferences with surreal digital accents. Mother-of-pearl effects and iridescent visual mirages cling to the surface of skins.

Imperceptible small grains, crumpled reliefs, embossings and ornaments act as impalpable changing filters.

Exhibitors: Curtidos Bassols, Curtidos Bassols, Megisserie Alric, ASC American Supply, Marmara Deri, Ckd Cetinkaya,Curtidos Lajara,FC Creacio I innovacio,Conceria Pellegrini Group, Cuir du futur

Washed freshness 
On very soft, washed, drummed skins, colours are shady, cloudy, softened by decoloured dyes. The effects of wear and tear create sensitive patinas that allow the expression of unique textures, the history of the skin.

Pull-up finishes
, finely sanded finishes on smooth nubucks and embossed bleached suedes radiate a halo of lightness.

Exhibitors: Conceria Pellegrini Group,Riba Guixa,FC Creacio I innovacio,Sofic, Raynaud, Ictyos, Marmara DeriMegisserie Alric,Curtidos Bassols


Deliciously juicy
With generous softness as the core value, leathers demonstrate rich behaviours and touches that stimulate the senses. Textures are nourished, suede appearances are lightly oiled. Hands are unctuous and lightweight. A moderate gleam evokes both the sensuality of silky fabrics and an appetising voluptuousness, while a glossier shine takes on the appearance of a jellified glazing.

Softened sensuals
Vegetable-tanned leathers
fully embrace this generous movement and take advantage of the eco-responsible interest they generate to perfect their formulae and enhance their softness and range of uses.

Hands are rich and unctuous, the intensity of colours surprises and seduces.

Versatile fluidity
On finer leathers, the sensuality is fluid and plays with variations in textures and drapes. Supple skins for garments, substantial flowing lamb leathers, creamy suedes and stunning nubuck lamb leather with a dry, slightly crispy texture produce sensorial reactions akin to textiles.

Exhibitors: Megisserie Alric, Dani, La Doma, Riba Guixa, Tmm, Ckd Cetinkaya,Curtidos Lajara, Tannerie Arnal, Raynaud, Cuirs du Futur, Dias Ruivo, FC Creacio I innovacio, S.C.P, FC Creacio I innovacio,  La Doma,Riba Guixa,  Marmara Deri,

Eye-catching textures
The material is enriched with textures that invite non-uniformity. The expressiveness of natural grains, the lively rhythms of embossed reliefs are accentuated. There is a visual and tactile value on metal-free or vegetable tanned leathers that are firm and round, supple, with a luxurious hand.

Finishes with a reduced chemical impact, solvent free, combine particular visual and tactile appearances with candle-like mattified metallizations and waxy, silky or more oily, slippery shines.

Exhibitors: Miret, Alran, Ictyos, Tannerie Arnal,Dani, Tannact, Tmm, Miret y Cia, Comertex, Nuo

Moulded firmness
Leather and calf leathers explore the register of firmness, with fine and compact skins making it possible to design products combining structure and flexibility. Lamb leather with a crispy, papery feel is enriched with new softness in contact with slightly rubbery textures.

Goat leathers
are decorated with a glacé pearl finish. Stretch leathers developed using vegetable-tanned lamb leather gain in liveliness.

Exhibitors: Raynaud, Inpelsa,  Curtidos Bassols, AlranCortadoria Leather,Marmara Deri,  Curtidos Bassols, FC Creacio I Innovacio

Malleable architectures
A gentle geometry slides over skins. Perfectly-placed decors are muted in contact with soft lamb and calf leathers, where a matt finish predominates. Structures are rounded, volumes inflated. 

A seductive approach that modernises the craftmanship on display on summer leathers and textiles for leather goods and footwear, with supple weavings, undulating laser cut-outs.

Exhibitors: Inpelsa,  Ckd Cetinkaya,Marmara Deri, Comertex,Srivathsa Industries, Trp Charvet, NuoCortadoria Leather

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