S/S22 SEASON: Excitingly seductive

Spring Summer 22 deploys its charms in a wide range of tactile, familiar or foreign sensations. Materials are invitingly caressing, yielding to the touch and masterfully combining softness and freshness. The feel of these lively transparencies, shivering surfaces and slippery fluidities triggers an emotional response. Sunny and refreshing fabrics, leather and accessories flirt with fun-loving and relaxed fashions that delicately transgress established style codes.

Exhibitors: Ozcimen Tekstil, Mitsubishi chemical corporation, Delta Tex, Megisserie Alric, FC Creació i Innovació, Fantasie Tricot

Sensual fluidity
Easing into elegance, and curling up in a sensual fluidity, a seductive comfort, to experience on a daily basis. Blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor wear, gracefully accompanying the body, in both womenswear and menswear. Slipping into opulent artificial or synthetic suitings, with smooth, softly lustrous surfaces. The thrill of meltingly soft and fine leathers, ready to be draped directly on the body.

Exhibitors : Intesa C., Barig dal 1973, Unizip, Mi.Gra. Since 1988, Legoplast Packaging, RDD, Barig dal 1973, Uni Textile, Shinjintex

Caressing transparency
Reveal it all! The yarns, the weaves, the uneven little bumps, the wavelets in creponned textiles, the patterns traced in filigree… even the industrial processes! Flirt with the weightlessness of smooth transparencies and sport knits, refined right down to their membranes’ handles, to follow the body like a second skin. Layering, multiplying, gathering, without adding any weight, to wrap up in air and color. In accessories, giving in to the temptation of ruching and flounces; and wraping components in a textile or plastic transparency. 

Exhibitors : Belinac, Joaps-Malhas, Lanificio di Sordevolo, Linton Tweeds, Intesa C.RDD, Megisserie Alric

Cuddly sensations
Opting for materials with highly tactile properties, fresh thicknesses to sink your hands into. Reveling in foamy terries, oh-so-soft bumpy tweeds, and fine summery furs. Playing with the cheery spring of crepes and gimped yarns, the liveliness of shivering voiles. Grabbing on to the air that fills weaves and knits, delightfully toying with the fancy yarns and ribbons that escape from tangled weaves and fancy embroideries.

Exhibitors: Curtidos Bassols, Lanificio Caverni, FC Creació i Innovació, Danmao Textile, Deveaux, Utenos Trikotazas, Parlamis Atadan Tekstil, Preview

Solar softness
Like light-sensitive surfaces, casual cottons and silks are softly paled, and colors fluctuate, conveying a subtle imperfection. Color scrapings move into synthetics. Stripes and checks fade into white, and intermittently disappear. Partially erased motifs and light bleachings evoke the faint memory of patterns. Emerisings and sueded skins retain a sunnily bright luminosity. Nubucks expose the whiteness of their finely sanded grain.

Exhibitors: Marmara Deri, Belinac, Antik Dantel, Bucol, FC Creació i Innovació, New Junior – Torres Pradas, Tintex Textiles, Parlamis Atadan Tekstil, RDD

Erotic green
50 shades of green… in all sectors, with just-right and appealing product proposals. All types of recyclings, sustainable dyes, waterless silkies, metal-free skins. With the possibility of more. Revealing laces and embroideries with a dash of humor, suggestive transparencies, attractive shines, sexy stretch and a loquacious fluidity, in leathers and fabrics.

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