S/S22 SEASON: Flashily seductive



Spring-summer 22 puts all its assets on display in a straightforward bid for seduction, with textiles geared to embellish. Fabrics, leathers and accessories are enhanced by fully expressive decorations and surfaces worked in sparkling lights. Teasing and flirtatious, the season transports the imagination to the very intersection of the real and digital worlds. Textures expanded into playful volumes and hypnotically-vibrating colors awaken desire. A strong and committed fashion season, to happily succumb to.

Exhibitors : FCN Textiles, Fec*Serilabel di Facchinetti, L&T Caps, BRB, Mi.Gra.Since 1988, Curtidos Lajara, Bella Tela, Julien Faure, Preview, Inpelsa

Teasing glitz
Dressing all in light to catch the eye. Embracing a blatant luxury, glittering metals, lamés and laminated looks that showcase fabric textures, powder surfaces and partially obscure the designs of leathers and skins. Succumbing to plays on transparencies, to laces interspersed with delicate pale golds, to accessories and components sparkling with iridescent glints, for an unostentations shine. Dipping into luxurious evening looks to conjure up moments of glory for everyday, for fleeting moments of stardom.

Exhibitors : Le Tinte by Stylem Italia, Megisserie Alric, Curtidos Lajara, ErictexKomatsu Matere, Delta Tex, Danmao Textile, Joaps Malhas

Virtuoso gloss
Slipping into apparel that beautifies and energizes day after day. Smoothed, glossy or powdery surfaces; creamy or flowing handles. Rethinking the chicness of silkies, the modernity of technical fabrics and the sensuality of leathers much like reinventing a make-up range. A love match between sportswear and silkies that triggers a desire for spectacular trench coats and windbreakers, for generous and dynamic drapings.

Exhibitors : Srivathsa Industries, Carlo Pozzi, Linton Tweeds, Raynaud, Ozlem, Fordiani Riccardo & C, Tessitura Di Crevacuore

Juiced-up rustics
Playing with an almost caricatural rusticity, with hairy or wild yarns, thickened constructions, string guipure and gauze, exaggerated embossings, extravagant leather grains with expressive surfaces. Giving a willy-nilly offbeat spin to classic tweeds and fancy qualities, creating micro volumes with macro materials, pairing rusticity with sexiness. 

Exhibitors : Akteks Tekstil / Neon, Curtidos Bassols, Fashion Tex, Shinkong Textile, SAB, Sprintex, FC Creacio I Innovacio, Ictyos, Utenos Trikotazas

Infused reveries
Getting swept up in hazy, unreal decorations, contemplating strange digital flowers and landscapes of an enigmatic poetry. Getting lost in the textured gradations of fabrics and accessories, in rainbow cut-yarns, in voiles shot through with glittering yarns. Evaporating into vaporous tachist prints. Manipulating grainy leathers to catch a glimpse of their iridescent gleam, the crests of their light-catching scales.

Exhibitors : Serates, Curtidos Lajara,Ekoten Tekstil, Reisoglu, Minami, Jiaxin Silk

Exuberant origami
Marveling at expanded volumes structured like 3D puzzles, and pumped-up reliefs that retain a surprising suppleness. Envisioning an architectural fantasy, a dexterous ornamentation in place of decoration, with pleated knits, faceted structures, well-articulated cloqués, and honeycombs sculpted right into the material. Discovering the basketwork textures of leathers, and combining modular components and accessories like building sets. 

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