Spring-Summer 22 color insights

The Spring Summer 2022 color range cultivates hues that gaily and irreverently energize and entice as much as they sooth and reassure. Colors flirt with the beauty of materials made from natural, additive-free fibers, to electrified and luscious brights that use their impact to drive harmonies.

Light influences creative fabrics, leathers, accessories and finishings, taking on substance and texture in product developments. A lively luminosity displaying shifting pale and dark hues, exploring long sinuous versions, or variations interrupted by tender to dark tones. Purposeful and subtle, light lends a softness and nuance to harmonies, or serves to bring out their full intensity.

Spring/Summer 2022 is inspired by nature viewed through a flamboyant, generous and offbeat lens. The range vaunts as many natural tones as artificial ones. It shatters the traditional view of harmonies commonly associated with florals and plants – the reassuring, earthy greens – transporting them into dream-like, almost shrill universes. It’s a celebrated, enhanced nature. A pleasing, truly summery boost cheerfully displaying a frank desire for freedom, for wondrously enticing botanicals with sustainable shoots.

Art/ Design Carl-Ludvig Svensson for VIDA ( / photo David Stjernholm (

The season’s range also reflects the influence of digital technology, which colors new imaginative realms. Groundbreaking technologies, virtual worlds, filters and 3D landscapes permeate our dreams and fantasy worlds. Creatures and creations populate our everyday realities through our computers and other screens. This hybrid intersection with virtual reality is evolving in a benevolent way, more and more in harmony with our physical surroundings. The colors of these “realities” are no longer quite so garish, they are softened and vibrate with modulated intensities creating new bridges between virtual screens and actual materials. And this multiplication of uses and perceptions means such tones are now chosen as much for their digital effects as their physical ones. The new alliance between these universes reveals oddly sugary combinations, a delicate sensibility that speaks directly to our emotions.

Each season, Première Vision proposes a color range that reflects the heart of the season –  its energy and its creative inclinations. Color is what sets the tone of a season. In keeping with the Première Vision philosophy of collective intelligence, the palettes are derived in meetings with international experts, settings for a marvelous sharing of ideas. The result is a general and generic range that responds to and anticipates the color needs of the markets in all their specificities.

Discover this season’s exclusive colors by purchasing the digital range for Spring Summer 2022 here. For a full decoding of the range and its harmonies, watch the webinar dedicated to the colors of the season.


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