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This inspirational tool is composed of 29 exclusive tones, as well as the key harmonies and highlights of SS 25 to guide you through your creative process.

Best of SS 25

The key trends of SS 25 decoded

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Chrysalis inspiration

How chrysalises inspire the season's creations


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  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24 : Designs

Spring-Summer 2024 designs broaden the field of possibilities and harmoniously juggle reality and virtuality, past ...

  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24 Designs : Pictorial paw

This theme revisits the exploration of line through the power of hand-drawing. A highly graphic, ...

  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24 Designs : Plays on scale

Here, we find the simplicity and pragmatism that characterize the season. In macro or micro ...

  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24 Designs : Digital retro

This season, the retro influence is resolutely turned towards the future. Geometric shapes refer to ...

  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24 Designs : Restrained graphics

Meeting the challenges of eco-responsibility invites us to rethink creative systems. In this context, frugality ...

  • Trends

AW 23-24 Style Focus: the menswear refresh

Men’s looks for Autumn-Winter 23-24 posit an easy pairing of opulence and restraint.

  • Trends

Autumn Winter 23-24 : Decoration

Discover the decoration highlights for the Autumn Winter 23-24 season.

PV Color Book SS 25
  • Trends

Autumn-Winter 23-24: Designs

Discover the autumn-winter 23-24 design highlights

  • Trends

AW 23-24 designs: Lush Vegetation

Less figurative in mood, vegetal embellishments and the jungle spirit are revisited with a resolutely ...

  • Trends

AW 23-24 designs: Ornamental Splendors

Splendeurs et opulence marquent les dessins de la saison avec une appétence pour les ornements.

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AW 23-24 designs: Immersive Flowers

Bouquets and fleurettes escape from bucolic fields to transport us into whimsical, highly colorful universes.

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The Autumn-Winter 23-24 film

Discover the AW23-24 season film!

  • Trends

AW 23-24 designs: Arty Mood

Vegetation, camouflage and geometrics are interpreted through spontaneous, expressive visuals.

  • Trends

AW 23-24 highlights: Spotlight on timeless designs

In terms of designs, the AW 23-24 season showcases the timeless classics.

Color Report AW 24-25
  • Eye on the Shows

Première Vision Paris in July: New exhibitors and 8 activity sectors

Prepare your visit in advance by discovering the show’s universes in details.

  • Trends

The colors of Autumn-Winter 23-24

A preview of the Première Vision Color range, with its 26 colors for AW 23-24.

  • Trends

Discover the Autumn-Winter 23-24 season!

Get an early look at the teaser for Autumn-Winter 23-24.

  • Sustainability
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S/S 23 Innovations: From textile

The latest innovations in textile recycling now offer true circularity.

Sport S/S23 : Crisp or soft, the appeal of characterful touches

Performance fabrics with surprising hands for the Spring-Summer 23 season!