S/S22 Decoding by universe: Bag & Shoe

For the spring/summer 2022 season, accessories and components for the footwear and leather goods markets explore new visual and tactile terrains to create seductive comparisons with leathers and textiles.
Components are crucial for personalizing products: breathing new life into iconics, amplifying volumes, renewing artisanal references, creating alliances between outdoor and city codes, and adding audacious fancy.

Fresh textures
This season, transparency and matt appearances rub shoulders to diffuse a slightly acidic, deceptively candid freshness on accessories and components.
Translucent colour gradients, the perfect homogeneity of materials on components with a sporting inspiration, regressive powdered finishes and foamy textures make iconics sparkle. Small baguette or half-moon bags worn short over the shoulders are produced in delicately metallic or pearly leathers. Details in lighter, bleached tonalities illuminate shoes. Heels show surprising immateriality.

Voluminous morphing
Inflated, curved accessories and components are ample on footwear, belts and leather goods for the spring summer 22 season. Volumes are rounded and materials seem malleable. Large format accessories are the perfect foil for the season’s bags: bucket and tote bags with a supple architecture, rounded ball-shaped bags. The structures of buckles and clasps entwine and warp in generous undulations. In footwear, mules and sandals with large asymmetric straps perch on heels with an organic roundness.

Artisanal influences
Accessories and ornaments pay tribute to artisanal techniques, the handmade and natural materials. The expressiveness of textures and grains is accentuated. This showcase of non-uniformity pairs with elaborate materials for full summer: beautiful textured canvases, straw intertwined like caning, and braided leathers. 
A woven relief effect on buckles, cross-body straps in graphic macramé and textured bands embellish bags. Vegetable-tanned leathers and nubucks bring softness to belts and shoes

Urban trekking
Footwear and leather goods accessories continue their exploration of new territories between outdoor and urban chic references. A mix and match between shapes, materials, assembly and details to create new complementarities. Functional accessories are ultra-sober. In colour, the preference is for tone-on-tone for straps and textiles accessories, while contrasts are graphic. Particular attention is paid to the design of small components, such as zip pulls, tucks and rings. Stoppers used for shoes, on backpacks and shopping bags are unavoidable for gathering the canvases and fine, crackly leathers of the season.

Festive exuberance
Driven by a need for fancy, leather goods and footwear for the spring/summer 22 season are adorned with showy ornaments. Sparkling gold takes centre stage. Decors are figurative and baroque and do not take themselves seriously. Large format decorative elements resemble brooches placed on bags and shoes. Damask-effect braids and fringes in a trimmings style embellish the most ostentatious elements on mini bags and minaudières as if they were jewels.

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