Casual looks for the S/S 22 season have opted for greater sophistication while maintaining their rusticity and their bold visual identity.

This rusticity is generously applied to maxi and mini volumes so as to better reveal the inherent richness of the season’s fabrics and offer looks with a youthful freshness.


The first look illustrates a penchant for more sophistication in the S/S 22 season. The visual aspect of materials cultivates exaggerations and weaves are enlivened on the surface to reveal the intrinsic nature of the threads. Weavings and embossing appear oversized while softened handles offer a pleasant and comforting sensation.

Baggy trousers, with large gusset pockets, are proudly displayed on open-weave canvases: recycled cottons play with two-tone fibres and proclaim an elaborate rusticity.

Leathers assume their materiality. They display their grains on the surface while proclaiming their softness and suppleness. Lamb leathers reveal irregular appearances. The bubbly look combines with subtle washed effects to produce bomber jackets with an imposing structure. In knits, a subtle naturality emerges thanks to refined jerseys worked in barely-slubbed linens. Shirts in cotton-linen blends boast wide stripes in washed colours that exacerbate the inherent freshness of the linen. Jacquard textures alternate a matt finish and irregularity in order to better reveal natural fibres. Accessories play the clashing colour card to give themselves a slightly retro look. Buttons are designed in natural materials – wood, horn – with unpolished surfaces.

Shoes and bags with simple, unfussy cuts gain in sophistication thanks to raw leathers with varnished finishes.


Freed from all restraints, the second look enters the coming season with an impertinent insouciance. The tiny, shortened volumes mimic a false modesty while expressing a youthful and sexy style.

Stretch materials offer delicious comfort while their appearance demonstrates their strong visual impact. Padded, irregular, spongy: materials aspire to seduce calmly but with plenty of determination.

Ultra-short skirts with side splits adopt exaggerated, almost unrefined tweed effects and appear in contrasting and slightly shocking colour palettes such as Mauve Azote and Péché Mignon.  Tweed outfits are light-hearted thanks to the fresh and bright colours such as Vertige Menthol, or are embellished with sparkling lurex thread. And sensual, soft suede leathers, with caressing textures, construct small outfits with a falsely coquettish appearance.

Tops are coordinated with slender torsos. Seersucker inspiration can be seen on light, airy blouses that delicately reveal the skin. Embossed knits on close fitting tees that discretely reveal the navel. To decorate mini-dresses and skirts, apparently innocent floral prints are invigorated with bright colours and tone down the rather flashy ruffles and other flounces. In a more sportswear vibe, towelling knits proudly display their cotton freshness and revisit retro looks with bi-coloured prints in the form of large, hypnotic waves.
As for accessories, square-toed sandals laced high on the calf in acidic colours showcase long, slender legs. Accessories in transparent resin show off their innocence and pureness. Like digital bouquets, they are delicately scattered over clothing to give them a touch of dreamlike romanticism.


On the last look, fashion takes the form of expanded volumes.

Playing with false modesty, the look is accompanied by simple lines enriched with discreet reliefs. Remarkable visual surprises – quilting or quivering wavelets – animate the surface. Fabrics and leathers inflate to take on an origami spirit and dynamize the general appearance of the look. Tops are inspired by Sports lines, sports shirts or polo shirts, and combine the comfort of a stretch knit with textured constructions. In the feminine version, smock or flouncy details in embossed knits embellish mini-brassieres. Patterns have fun with contrasting stripes or geometric blocks coloured in refreshing pastels. Close-fitting jackets show off materials with comfortable softness. They are decorated with mini tie or dobby patterns to offer a look with a relaxed elegance that is proud of its youthful freshness. 

Oversized parkas are produced in overlayed or slightly iridescent nylons and generate the intriguing tactile and visual sensation of origami paper.

This playful, graphic spirit is also expressed on perforated leathers used to make extra soft tote bags with straps or mildly futuristic sneakers mounted on expanded volume soles.

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