Whether the outfit is ostentatiously fashionable or suggestively revealing, the Dressy looks for spring/summer 22 deploy their most beautiful finery to attract the eye. Come out of the shadows, shine brightly and celebrate…with a single watchword: seduce.

Get inspiration from our key looks broken down by fashion sector for Spring-Summer 22 and discover a selection of fabrics with which to build your next Dressy collections.

Dazzle and delight

The first outfit seeks to create a strong fashion impact and underlines the desire to stand out in the coming season.

This flawless look is based around clean, relaxed lines inspired by the casual spirit. Volumes emphasise contrasts, alternating maxi and mini lengths. Clothing adopts intriguing layers of materials and colours to create chic and personalised outfits ideal for going out and dancing the night away.

Trenches embrace oversized dimensions and are embellished with sparkling details scattered over the design to truly dazzle the eye.

Buttons are brash and showy and enhanced with details that outrageously imitate huge diamonds or crystals.

The goal being to stand out from the crowd!

Sensorial, textures proclaim a studied luxury.

Delicate and transparent base materials – netting, organza – are decorated with 3D textured reliefs or metallic flowers. They are used for tops that insolently reveal certain parts of the body. Very short straight skirts are produced in subtly shiny jacquards. They are enriched with blurred floral motifs designed from fine lurex threads. Worn with loose sweatshirts with a deep neckline, these skirts are the key to a look that is both powerful and ultra-comfortable.

Sometimes, a short, deconstructed sleeveless blouson jacket in iridescent leather completes the outfit. On leather accessories, pouches or mini-bags, laser cut-outs reveal precise silvery animal patterns rather like strange phantasmagorical creatures.

Caressing transparency

Here the idea is to imply rather than exhibit, for unapologetic seduction that does not sacrifice comfort. Simple dresses are designed to caress the curves of a harmoniously generous silhouette. Produced in various lengths and with deep V necklines, they successfully embrace the principle of layering. Fabrics, leathers and accessories are enriched with bright colours that combine with good humour. Richly optimistic orange and solar shades are affectionate and give rise to interesting chromatic experimentations for a bold, chic look that is full of confidence. Materials are an invitation to sensoriality: transparent, fluid and slippery. They follow the determined, swaying walk and gently caress the skin, the perfect confidence booster!  

Tulle is crumpled on the surface and decorated with gentle embroidery to create relief and catch the eye. In prints, ginghams take centre stage. Combined with flounces and gathers, they imply a certain youthful candour. A light-hearted breath of spring air brings new life to the season’s shirts. In accessories, sandals with fine strap details entwine around the ankle and extend this subtle but determined desire to reveal oneself.

Sunny softness

The last silhouette adopts a bold and deliberately provocative attitude.

Tops are shortened to the extreme. Brassieres in knits or second-skin fabrics are tied around the waist to better expose it. Cleverly placed cut-outs are another way of showcasing the waist. Poised to overthrow the cleavage, the waist has become the new sensual region, the focus of all attention. A charming nod to vintage can be seen in the outfit. Embossed technical knits flirt with the fluctuating effects of solar colour gradients that warm the skin.

Jackets adopt shortened, floating micro-volumes and are tightened by delicate organza-encased cords, or elastics that appear bleached by the sun. Their crumpled, satin fabrics are revealed as light falls on them and add a sexy touch to the outfit.

Trousers are particularly elongated and prefer a low waist to create rather coquettish silhouettes. Split, wide-legged trousers offer a glimpse of square mules made from exotic leathers. These fish leathers are traceable and made using vegetable tanning. Or when the exhibitionist, eco-responsibility approach rhymes with desirability!

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