Between digital influence and the real world, the Spring/Summer 22 looks have rejected all compromise and satisfy our desires for escape…and action!  

Continuing the trend for porosity between genders and fashion sectors first seen in Winter 21/22, Sportswear looks for the next season nimbly switch between sensual fluidity and comfort. Punchy and ultra-high-performance, Outdoor revisits the 80s vintage aesthetic while showcasing innovative technical properties.

Get inspiration from our key looks broken down by fashion sector for Spring-Summer 22 and discover a selection of fabrics with which to build your next Sport & Tech collections.


Inseparable yet ambivalent, our relationship with screens has started to influence our sporting activities.

An extension of our virtual avatars, the multiple types of sports available on connected applications invite us to get away from our daily grind thanks to new sensorial experiences.

The Sports designs for the season embody this search for utopia and stand out for their aesthetic inspired by the digital universe. 3D and pixelated imagery allow strange dreamlike layers to bloom in our wardrobes.Sombre and contrasting, their colours plunge us into the mysterious and hypnotic meanderings of jumpsuits made from a second-skin knit.

Other creative avenues are infused with softer palettes: refreshed pastels like calming dreams to create mini windcheaters or large spectacular parkas designed for running.

Like a streak of lightning shooting through the urban landscape, RGB prints simulate the effects of glitching, at the boundaries of two phantasmagorical universes.

In accessories, diffused colours enhance this feeling of unreality.

Zips with translucent acid colours and holographic iridescent finishes enrich metallic buttons.

Iridescent or slightly shiny leathers promise surprising multicolour optical effects. And proclaim their many eco-responsible virtues: metal-free, waterless and traceable. Encouraging us to pull on our futuristic sneakers with their voluminous, translucent soles and tread lightly over urban sidewalks.


From elegantly-relaxed tailoring to sensual and comfortable sporting products, fluidity is apparent in all the season’s looks.

Alternative and greener solutions abound. Improved and highly-protective performances – windproof, fast dry – accumulate on fabrics.

Outdoor clothing encourages an indecent lightness. To take advantage of new gentler forms of mobility, strolling through town or practising more contemplative sports, movement must in no way be restricted. There must be total freedom of both style and action.

From the genderless movement we find ample windcheaters and parkas with more feminine cuts, enhanced with gathers applied to the waist and cuffs. Light parkas are happy with their oversized lines and are worn tightly belted.

Fabrics reveal subtly sparkling satin finishes and are ideal on tender pastels. Small sleeveless blouses, collar raised and cinched at the waist with drawstrings, are produced on technical bases borrowed from silky fabrics.  

Crumpled and metallic fabrics give the garments a look that is both sporty and very chic.

In reference to banana bags, accessories gently soften the line of the look. Soft lamb leathers take on a barely pearlized iridescence to illuminate small round bags with details like ruffled handles – to be displayed every day for a more urban look.


The last look clearly takes its inspiration from the vintage hiking style of the 1980s, combined with eco-responsibility innovations and technical performances. Imposing colourblocks create visual accidents on tops thanks to effects created by harmonies of disruptive colours.

Sweatshirts and blouson jackets are worn loose, emphasising the volume of the sleeves. They are worked in natural materials with proven breathable properties: cotton-lyocell blends, or bamboo fibres.

The addition of zips in contrasting colours disrupts the stylistic stance of the product.

Shorts are widened and combine with cycling shorts made from recycled polyamides. Influenced by trail running, sneakers are mounted on imposing notched soles in clashing colours. In accessories, pragmatism is the name of the game with micro-pouches to be worn at the waist. Made from leathers with an uncanny appearance of cracked paper, the extreme lightness and the water-repellent characteristics of these pouches allow them to brave the elements. Prodigious allies for breaking records next season!  

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