Preview: the Great North, at the heart of the Autumn Winter 22-23 denim fashion season

The Autumn Winter 22-23 denim season plunges us into the Great Northa wild, bracing and luminous Nordic universe. A voyage tuned into nature, a sustainable and energizing environment for ever richer creative imaginings.

The Autumn Winter 22-23 denim season is launched!

An invigorating season that paints your desires and needs in white. Not white like a blank page, but as a way to rethink your horizons, find your inspiration, give a more 360° vision to your designs and production methods.

The cohesiveness of the denim industry is stronger than ever, with constantly evolving co-creations.
Products are refocused on the quality of materials and the choice of fibers.
Collections are re-centering on sustainable and unique products.
There’s growing research into a rethought simplicity, primary utility and heightened eco-responsibility. This last is reflected in ever-more circular economies, technological advances in yarns and finishes, and natural dyes.

A denim season conveyed by a wintry stroll through snowy landscapes, a contemplation of frozen nature, and nocturnal escapades underneath the starry skies.

Five main themes for the season

  • Blue ice floe
  • Polar light
  • Frozen decoration
  • Polar furs
  • Starry night

Digital Denim Week July 5-9

To find out everything you need to know about the denim season, discover the fashion decodings and product selections for Autumn Winter 22-23 during the Digital Denim Week – from 5 to 9 July on

The programme:

  • An inspirational digital forum presenting the Autumn Winter 22-23 denim season, with keywords, images, videos, and exhibitors’ products.
  • The fashion seminar presented by Manon Mangin, Product Manager at Première Vision.
  • A new filmed concept, with an immersion in the denim market and industry, conversations with designers about the inspiration behind their collections, changes and innovations in the denim world, a focus on current trends in cuts and styles, as well as a look at the coming directions.
  • Live sourcing on Instagram to ask all your questions about the season’s trends
  • Articles with trends decodings to highlight the new season’s indispensable trends, the latest ecological innovations and the avenues opening up ahead in denim’s future.

You need to be registered for the event

  • To access all contents: trends analysis, products selection, seminars & conferences…
  • And to source your denim fabrics & accessories online, and contact the exhibitors.
I register for the event for free
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