Fashion Guest : Winfried Rollmann’s Spring Summer 22 fabric choices for menswear


Winfried Rollmann, founder of SIX BROTHERS FACTORY and fashion, material and color expert, represents Germany for the DMI at the international Première Vision consultation meetings. He shares with us his fabric preferences for men’s ready-to-wear for spring summer 22.

This season is a challenge for the fashion market. Menswear is moving towards a liberated contemporary wardrobe with a more natural attitude, heightened comfort, higher functionality and more fantasy. Materials should combine these features in a surprising complexity, where a fabric’s look and behavior are mutually stimulating, worked in stimulating contradiction.



A relaxed piqué weave in linen-hemp. The loose washed structure achieves an astonishing softness for these natural authentic fibers. The result is a natural look and content with a contemporary comfort. Perfect for loose, unlined jackets.


The artisanal striped structure has a convincingly handcrafted look. Ribbed, basketweave and diamond structures lend a rhythm to the indigo fabric. The substantial weight enhances a casual authenticity. Garment-wash will provide augmented visual impact.


A linen weave displaying spectacular two-tone effects in its blend of delavé linen yarns. The sumptuous indigo and earth shades melt into a soft , Turner-like watercolor effect with a colored irregularity in the yarn. This subtle, colored neutrality is part of the season’s “augmented neutrals“ theme.


A Glen check pattern on a twisted basketweave gives this super-100 wool a natural irregularity and a relaxed linen look. An informal summer touch for distressed tailoring. The indigo color shading links a Biella sophistication to the denim world. The fine wool is a natural climate regulator.


The fine and dense cotton-nylon poplin is a contemporary all-rounder. Its versatility makes it a perfect match for loose, total looks, and it’s just as right  for airy dusters, overshirts or summer jumpsuits.


A papery feel and chalky color effect lends this PE-nylon a conceptual, informal modernity. The dense twill-weave imbues outerwear styles with tension and a sculptural character. For ample shirt-style coats with an almost meditative presence.


This tie-dye visual on a compact windbreaker cotton provides high aesthetic impact with its fresh and complex movement of blue shades, perfect for outdoor wear. An eco-finish on a 100% organic cotton base achieves high function in a responsible way.


This hybrid, dense basket-weave combines the natural qualities of linen and cotton with the tech functionality of a recycled nylon and elasticity. The cool but full touch underlines this striking ambivalence. The matt finish reflects pure understatement.


Terrycloth doesn’t usually fit easily into a men’s wardrobe. But here,  the blend of ramie and cotton gives the knit fabric body and a dry handle, with a flavorsome volume. The sustainable ramie and cotton fibers underline its sustainability.


The 100% linen jersey is a perfect summer knit. Its natural irregularity and subtle two-tone effect aligns with the season’s sophisticated neutrality. The soft and open structure with its discreetly washed effect matches with a relaxed smartness. The highly sustainable character of linen adds value.


The sculptural, high density knit in mercerized organic cotton reveals an ultra-clean look and a substantial weight. The contradiction between its neatness and sturdy drape lends overshirts and jackets a menswear-style “body“.

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