Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 33

Smart Creation, the podcast, invites you to explore the potential of sustainable fashion.

For this episode, we are pleased to welcome Guillaume Darrousez, CEO of Petit Bateau (Kids Apparel Brand).

« Every time we design a product, we think about how it can be passed on from child to child. We want it to last five lives. »

You might know Petit Bateau, a leader brand on the kids apparel market. This week we’re meeting with Guillaume Darrousez, the CEO of Petit Bateau. He was previously working in the Groupe Rocher which owns the brand and came with a vision at the head of it. 

The blue boat tag is certainly something you have seen in your surroundings for one reason: Petit Bateau is known for its children’s long lasting products. But Guillaume has set even higher standards in terms of sustainable strategy. If quality goes hand in hand with sustainability, it is also coming with real improvements on the environmental and social responsibilities. Among the brand’s goals : using more organic cotton, being certified B Corp, but also having an impact on children’s education regarding nature awareness. 

In this episode, Guillaume is giving us the details of their strategy. He proves us that a sustainable change within a big company is possible, it is just a matter of will and action.

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