Spring-Summer 22 Accessories decodings: transparency in the accessories collections.

Spring-Summer 22 accessories bow to the siren call of transparency. They strive to impart a tangibility to unreality, to reconcile the material and the ethereal. Materials turn to watery translucencies, plays on opacity and chromatic variations to achieve their esthetic vision – a vision that unflinchingly reflects the season’s quest for eco-responsibility.

 Get a sneak preview of the Spring-Summer 2022 season with the Première Vision fashion team’s accessory-specific decodings, and explore a selection of exhibitors’ products right now.

Shifting transparency

Plexiglass buttons display a crystalline purity, while polyesters feature an interplay of textures and fluctuating opacity. Functional accessories are embellished with complex facets or surface movements that are delicately revealed. Plexiglass chains give rise to futuristic-looking bags, and textile components fashioned of bi-stretch and multi-layer polyurethane lend good looks and comfort to lingerie and corsetry items. Influenced by the pared-down pragmatism that marks this season’s footwear, clean-line pumps feature plexiglass heels worked in filtered, graduated shades.


Chromatically opaque

Buttons and stoppers are ABS-strong. They are worked in resin-like amber shades, ranging from lighter to darker, giving this season’s outdoor jackets the ability to mimic. Ribbons and laces are livened up with graduated tones in a dip-dye spirit, creating soft harmonies. Others alternate subtle solar and aquatic hues.

These poetic accessories lend a new sophistication to sports bags in acid-toned nylons, or colorblock sneakers with a throwback look.

Occupied transparency

Elements occupy the emptiness, creating an almost abstract effect.

Layerings blur decorative designs printed on ribbons, revealing floral motifs and letterings, leading to surprising visual effects. The milky resin of buttons blurs micro-components, giving them the look of delectable colored nuggets. A way to impart a kind of innocence to the season’s feminine blouses and dresses.

Filtered layers of transparency

Accessories also go in for pure transparency, turning to totally matt materials to accentuate contrast. On labels, glassy-looking papers are covered with translucent plastic elements to create overlays; or are embellished with raised-surface lettering to emphasize the graphic purity of the design. Pre-pleated chiffon ribbons worked all in pastels lend a beauty to Sportswear and Homewear collections. Barely tinged diaphanous rivets impart an offbeat note to workwear jackets and oversized ecru denim overshirts, and treat denim apparel to a minimalist and poetic aesthetic. The internal workings of zippers and stoppers become almost decorative elements in and of themselves. Stoppers and opalescent buttons reveal elements with contrasting textures, or in more or less bright colors, to energize the season’s lightweight parkas.



Sustainable transparency

The search for transparency and purity seen in the spring 22 accessories aligns with the season’s sustainable aspirations.

Green alternatives are flourishing, and several directions are favored to help achieve a virtuous circle. Polyesters used to manufacture buttons are increasingly recycled, all while ensuring a slightly iridescent or pearly effect. Jewelry accessories are enhanced by the inclusion of multicolored components delicately embedded in recycled resins.

 Another option: bio-plastics of vegetable origin whose colorful, opaque transparencies fashion bag chains that can vaunt their eco-design. Accessories made from galalith, composed of milk casein, and buttons made of natural mother-of-pearl and plant materials – such as wood or corozo – are meant to be minimally transformed to preserve the natural quality of the product, and are biodegradable. These decorative elements add an elegant note to linen suits, for tailored clothing with a more sophisticated rusticity.

Spring-Summer 22 accessories see transparency in all its facets unfurling across materials, drawing on the season’s solar direction to better illustrate their creative prowess.

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