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This inspirational tool is composed of 29 exclusive tones, as well as the key harmonies and highlights of SS 25 to guide you through your creative process.

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The key trends of SS 25 decoded

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How chrysalises inspire the season's creations


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Responsabilité Élargie du Producteur
  • Sustainability

Eco-question: Extended Producer Responsibility – where do European and American regulations stand?

The implementation date of the EPR should be specified during 2024.

Eugenie Monroe podcast Smart Creation
  • Sustainability

Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 61

Eugénie Monroe – Recycling and Ecodesign Sales Manager at weturn

Candy Culture PV NY Talk
  • Eye on the Shows

[PV NY Talk] CANDY CULTURE, Spring Summer 2025 Color and Fashion forecast

Talk with Ragna Frodadottir, Director of Edelkoort

PV NY Talk AI and power of technology

[PV NY Talk] – Acquire Generative AI Skills and Harness the Power of Technology: Expert Guidance to Unlock Brand Success & Prioritize Sustainability

Talk with Julie A. Evans & Mathilda Kalaveshi, Sustalytics

The Ripple Effect PV NY Talk
  • Eye on the Shows

[PV NY Talk] – The Ripple Effect

Talk with Sharon Graubard, Founder & Creative Director of SG FILES

The one change PV NY Talk
  • Eye on the Shows

[PV NY Talk] – This one change can make fashion profitable, sustainable and valuable for everyone

Talk with Lawrence Lenihan, Chairman and Co-founder at Resonance.

Fashion Seminars PV NY
  • Eye on the Shows

[PV NY Talk] – PV’s Fashion Seminars

Seminar hosted by Celine Khawam, Fashion Consultant for Première Vision

PV Color Book SS 25
Crisis of stuff PV Talk NY
  • Eye on the Shows

[PV NY Talk] – The Crisis of Stuff: immediate solutions to circularity

Talk with Liz Alessi, Sustainability Consultant.

Traçabilité, composition et procédés de transformation de la matière
  • Sustainability

Smart Key: Key choices for more responsible sourcing

How to find a creative material that combines social and environmental performance?

A Better Way programme
  • Sustainability
  • Eye on the Shows

Première Vision New York joins the ‘a better way’ programme

The show joins the programme for the first time.

PFA ban
  • Sustainability

Eco-question: What is New York State’s PFA ban all about?

The ban is expected to go into full effect between late 2023 and late 2027.

New York Sustainability bill
  • Sustainability

Eco-question: « Fashion Act » – How the States of New York and Massachusetts intend to bring out change?

Businesses would have to comply with the terms of the Paris Agreement.

Teaser premiere vision SS25
  • Trends

“Mutations”: the Central Theme of SS 25 Season Brought to Life in a New Teaser

Discover the exclusive fashion teaser for Spring Summer 25, a visual dive into the major ...

CSDDD European directive
  • Sustainability

Eco-question: Corporate Sustainable Directives – what are the differences between CSRD and CSDDD?

The CSDD aims to ensure responsible corporate conduct.

Color Report AW 24-25
Discovering new trends on PVNY
  • Eye on the Shows

A first look at the SS 25 trends in New York

Colors, key themes, sustainability: the fashion team’s insights ahead of the show.

Gommatex performance
  • Market Insiders

Gommatex, among the leading companies on its market: an innovation-driven supplier with high quality standards since 1960

A leader on its market, Gommatex is committed towards sustainable fashion.

collection capsule REICONICS
  • Market Insiders

The REICONICS collection, an example of innovation in the circularity of jeans

Discover the REICONICS capsule collection by Recover™, Evlox and Jeanologia.

Marwa Zamaray Podcast 60
  • Sustainability

Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 60

Marwa Zamaray, Senior Advisor In The Apparel And Textile Industry

CSRD directive
  • Sustainability

Eco-question: CSRD–how will sustainability reporting evolve?

The new European directive will come into force in January 2024.