First edition Color Report AW 24-25

The AW 24-25 Color Report

Supplementary to the Season Report, this inspiration digest decodes the 5 key colors and harmonies of the season, analyses the latest innovations in sustainable coloring and gives expert testimonials.

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Traçabilité, composition et procédés de transformation de la matière
  • Sustainability

Smart Key: Key choices for a more responsible sourcing

How to find a creative material that combines social and environmental performance?

Podcast Smart Creation 58 avec Leonore Garnier
  • Sustainability

“Sustainability demands qualities of relevance, durability, persistence, and circularity”

In this episode, we discuss fashion and the importance of combining creativity, sustainability and innovation ...

  • Market Insiders

Solstiss x Parsons School of Design: a lace collaboration about Heritage

Solstiss sponsors Parsons School of Design an Haute Couture lace contest on the theme: HERITAGE.

  • Market Insiders

SUBLITEX (Miroglio Group) presents the fabric collection “URBAN”

The innovative collection of fabrics and knits dedicated to the world of Fashion and Active ...

  • Sustainability

Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 57

In this episode, Ana talks to us about her vision of the future and the ...

  • Eye on the Shows

[PV NY Talk] – Montreal, Canada – The new hub for easy sourcing and efficient manufacturing

In addition to the economic and currency exchange advantages, Montreal is known for its highly ...

  • Eye on the Shows

[PV NY Talk] – PV’s Fashion Seminars

Two PV’s seminars to to decipher next season’s trends.

  • Sustainability

Today’s eco-question: Can technology guide responsible production?

Various technological solutions are now being deployed to keep pace with sustainable production.

  • Sustainability

Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 56

#56 Ben Hanson, Editor in chief at The Interline and expert in smart fashion In ...

  • Trends

How does Solar Vision influence the Première Vision color range for AW 24-25?

SOLAR VISION, one of the season’s main inspirations, lights up the season’s developments. Long considered ...

  • Eye on the Shows

[PV NY Talk] – A journey into the realm where generative AI and fashion interwine

Join her to explores how AI is revolutionizing the industry, fueling creativity and innovation in ...

  • Eye on the Shows

[PV NY Talk] – New Commerce, forget about what you know about business, break away from yesterday to build a better tomorrow.

We will be presenting an except from our “New Commerce” study created by the Global ...

  • Eye on the Shows

[PV NY Talk] – Hibernation, Autumn-Winter 24-25 Textile and fashion forecast

Edelkoort inc presents Trend Union, highly creative and tactile trend forecasting service.

  • Sustainability

How can we design sustainably?

80% of a garment’s environmental impact is determined by decisions taken at the design stage. So ...

  • Sustainability

Today’s eco-question: can avatars assist a sustainable approach?

Pure marketing announcements or well thought-out services, what do these solutions have to offer?

  • Sustainability

Today’s eco-question: Can algorithms and artificial intelligence serve a more responsible fashion?

At first glance, linking collections to algorithms means letting the consumer dictate the trend, whereas ...

Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 55

#55 Mr Fatih Konukoglu CEO at ISKO and Vice President at SANKO Group ISKO is one ...

  • Trends

“Solar vision”: AW 24-25 season unveiled in a new teaser

Discover the exclusive fashion teaser for Autumn-Winter 24-25.

  • Sustainability

Smart Key: Can the rapid acceleration of fashion-tech help achieve eco-responsible goals?

The last few years have plunged us into an era of hyper-connectedness. To accompany our ...