S/S 22 COLOR DECODING: Decorations

Decorations for Spring/Summer 22 confidently indulge in slightly flashy creative leanings. Bold, graphic visuals brilliantly make the most of the season’s color harmonies to achieve their ultimate design: winning us over, and plunging us into an unfettered imaginary world bridging digital and physical.

To break down your own SS 22 decoration collections, check out our favorite color harmonies illustrated through our selection of fabrics –  and find further inspiration in our Digital Talk devoted to the season’s colors. 


Bringing the bewitching passage between the physical and digital realms to life, the season’s decorations are articulated around wavy vibrations, and engender fluid motions. Combining warm and cold tones of varying intensity, these vibrations blur and merge like intoxicating digital layers. Worked in cool tones such as “Nitrogen Mauve” and a “Dizzy Menthol” green, they create a relaxing atmosphere for sweatshirts, tees, oversized shirts and other tops with a genderless appeal. More grating shades like “Cyber Violet” and an “Acid Atoll” turquoise trigger digital glitches in hazy gradations of cold pastels, right for ultra-short lace dresses with a deceptively naive look, perfect for outfitting S/S 22’s cyber-heroines. Jolted by a disruptive “Active Sulfur” yellow, these intense tone-on-tones in cool colorways bring their virtual sides to life in silky, fluid viscose, easily envisioned for sensual, lingerie-inspired dresses and tops.

Flowers explore new fields of seduction. On delicately transparent voiles in “Pearl” beige, 3D floral appliqués almost plucked from digital designs convey a certain romantic dreaminess enlivened by a hint of acidic “Citrine” yellow.

Printed flowers are more abstract, infused with watercolor-like reddish and pinkish tones. Combined with green “Dizzy Menthol” backgrounds, they create explosive warm-cool harmonies evoking a garden paradise.

Petals are more expressive, and tinged with intense shades such as “Spicy Raspberry”, “Candy Pink” and “Nicotine Blue”, and boldly scattered across grounds colored in “Nitrogen Mauve”.


Among the season’s most inescapable chromatic pairings are mauve-orange mixes, which impart a reassuring yet vivifying energy to decorations. Influenced by reddish shades, a dynamic “Blazing Orange” emerges in eyelet embroideries to punch up the season’s cotton dresses and tops, pairing nicely with accessories in “Spicy Raspberry” and “Candy Pink” for a truly delectable, dynamic look.

Jacquards are highly expressive, bursting with joie de vivre. Bouquets reveal an overflowing generosity. Orange cut-yarns escape from giant-size petals to mimic extravagant stems. Floral decorations are puffy on the surface and played in shades of “Nitrogen Mauve”, alternately shiny and matt, with more artificial bouquet effects.

Full, stylized flowers in a hybrid mix of “Peachy Pleasure” and “Blazing Orange” tone down the heat thanks to backgrounds in “Poly Periwinkle” or “Nitrogen Mauve”, opening up to a more sophisticated sensuality.

This complementary chromatic combo creates a mutual attraction, a new kind of polarization. For more abstract jacquards, fiery warms and tempered cool tones intersect, fuse and blossom in subtle tone-on-tones of varying color depth.

On patterns with a more geometrical treatment, the liveliness of clear, saturated colors like “Blazing Orange” and “Cyber Violet” ensures a more graphic visual impact combining strength and power.

Whether sensual and passionate, or reassuring and relaxing, the color harmonies employed in this season’s decorations are elaborated in skillful hybrids, to sweep us into an idealized world poised between reality and the imagination.

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