S/S 22 COLOR DECODING : Sport&Tech

The Spring/Summer 22 color range is structured around choices as dynamic as they are calming. Just like Sport & Tech’s prevailing creative directions, chromatic choices also broaden the field, to include the many mutations of this evolving sector, and the increasing porosity of fashion universes.


Next season’s Sport & Tech colorways conjure up a new imaginative vision.

Color harmonies are less flashy, toned down, with pastels like “Digital Skin” pink or “Poly-Periwinkle” violet, and barely pigmented faux neutrals like “Salty” grey and “Pearl” beige – sometimes juiced up by acidic accents of “Citrine” yellow and “Dizzy Menthol” green.

Pastels blur into graduated, cloudy nuances, softened by sweetened hues. Sport and Tech fabrics precisely alternate matte and glossy grounds with an almost cosmetic influence, and grow more sophisticated, deftly traversing the boundaries separating citywear and sport. Couture fabrics like taffetas and satins vaunt “water-repellent” and “down-proof” performance, with slightly pearly, iridescent surfaces in “Milk” white, “Pearl” beige and “Peachy Pleasure” orange, for oversized parkas to show-off in. These puffers can be worked into an overall monochrome look, teamed with leggings or the kind of bi-stretch knit tops with a powdery finish intended for yoga or fitness wear.

In both fabrics and accessories, decorations feature lively undulations, played in soft harmonies and lightly contrasted by an acidic “Citrine” yellow. These almost unreal color effects encourage fluidity of movement. Motifs evoke digital slicks infused with a dream-like quality, to envision on body-hugging stretch knits and casting relaxing halos over the season’s unisex silhouettes. Plastic buckles with solarized effects in cool hues embellish waffle-knit swimsuits exuding a deceptively naive innocence.

In functional metallic accessories  –  buckles, snap hooks and zippers – reflections take on a holographic effect, to further the unreal quality with more intense colorways.

In ultra-light, practically transparent performant fabrics, pastels are layered and grow blurry. Developed in tone-on-tone combinations of nude and off-whites, or punctuated by shades with the same depth of tone as “Dizzy Menthol” green or “Frosty Lobster” orange, they invite a seductive interplay of colorful transparencies, for fast-dry or climatic recycled nylon, ideal for hitting city streets.


Striving to pair the technical performance required of this sector with an irrepressible urge to get back to nature by practicing Outdoor sports, S/S 22 Sport & Tech products also heads into greenish hues.

Artificial and synthetic, the season’s greens call forth a nature infatuated with science, and infuse sports apparel with enthusiasm and optimism. Worked in tonal combinations and fused gradations, greens can lend a relaxing and refreshing note, or an invigorating energy.

“Dizzy Menthol” green takes on fresh textures – breathable, terry knits – to inject new life into Athleisure products. Hoodies are teamed with downy, tone-on-tone ribbons. Rubber-look nylons boast technical performance to give extra protection to short blousons.

For more extreme Outdoor products –  for trail and climbing activities –  featherweight polyamide ripstops come in saturated greens like “Ethanol Sprout” and “Active Sulfur” yellow. Here, decoration embraces a techno-Taschist vein, a kind of neo-camouflage with crackled effects, fuzzy contours and blurs, emerging on tech blousons, stretchy knit leggings, and functional accessories like plastic buckles.

Throwing exhilarating colorblocks and saturated duos into the mix reinforces the high-energy feel. Brilliantly pulling together freedom of movement, body-type inclusivity and comfortable compression, knits are imagined in “Fleshy Green”, “Spicy Raspberry” and “Candy Pink’, and are joyfully sensuous. These shades are enthusiastically combined on leggings and bra- or cropped-tops. Boldly colored accessories in “Cyber Violet” and “Acidic Atoll” turquoise underline the contrast in color blends, for products with explosive, surprising visuals. 

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