S/S22 Decoding by universe – Tops & Sirts : Knits

Discover the S/S 22 fabric highlights for men’s and women’s cut-sewn garments, tee-shirts, polos and sweatshirts, as selected by the Première Vision Paris fashion team.

This season, knit tops are simple without succumbing to monotony. They don’t try to be extravagant, and put the focus squarely on freshness. They reconcile comfortable fabrics and neatness, thanks to updated compositions and carefully crafted constructions. Piqués, ribs and openwork are also developed in sustainable cottony, artificial or synthetic blends.

Piqué variations

Men’s polos explore new ways of playing on piqué. In noble cottons, fantasy revolves around a contrast between the textured structure and the jersey. Stitch plays team up with yarn-dyed patterns to update piqué’s traditional codes. Cellular and honeycombed 3D effects are enhanced by stretch blends, suggesting sweaters in purer shapes to better reveal the richness of the knits. Loose and boxy, in extra-long or mini versions, dresses and sweats rely on expanded volumes.

Rib plays

Dense ribs and false ribs dominate the fleece world, for men’s sweaters with an authentic note. Plain knits are enlivened with graphic ribbed effects, with distinct rhythms and varied widths.

In women’s versions, ribs are infused with lightness and sensuality. Knits for finely-strapped tops and sophisticated tee-shirts give a nod to a lingerie spirit. Weights are finer and opt for a delicate fluidity, with cottons blended with synthetic or artificial fibers.


Sly openwork

Innocent or dynamic, knits bet on transparency, slyly revealing the skin thanks to intermittent openwork. Jerseys and loosely worked ribbed fabrics flaunt cottony blends and show off a youthful freshness. Pointillist all-over patterns in jacquards and airy stitch plays broaden the possibilities of the trousseau spirit. For more energetic tops, airy knits come in sport versions. Borrowing from beachwear, polyamide and elastane blends elaborate openwork in jacquards, for bolder, body-hugging shapes, whether simplified or asymmetric.

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