Sport & Tech AW 23-24 article: Focus on large Outdoor items

Boosted by the popularity of outdoor activities, the Sport & Tech season is revisiting Outdoor garment codes to adapt them to our urban areas. The shift in lifestyle towards greater flexibility and the need for freedom of movement are encouraging labels to produce a hybrid wardrobe, able to easily shift from indoors to outdoors.

Extreme hiking, glamping in unusual locations or in cabins deep in the enchanted forest are so many sensorial experiences that allow us to reconnect with nature and rediscover the adventurous spirit of our childhood.

The desire to extend this carefree pleasure into our daily lives is encapsulated by stylish outwear with visible technical prowess, combining casualwear, citywear and sportswear influences. These garments with their enhanced protection find a place in our wardrobes as the foundation items for next Autumn-Winter and through their country chic spirit represent a new way of displaying Authenticity.

Authentic but not basic

This season, the parka is exploring new areas of expression and moving away from a purely functional role. Equally comfortable in bustling big cities or in the stunning environment of the countryside, it confirms its status as a timeless garment for facing up to the weather during trips away. The sturdy cotton surfaces have an oiled or waxed finish to reveal their bold characters. Unisex, the parka prefers simple lines and boasts a number of practical and creative details: large flat pockets, a generous hood and bi-material details. This new “country chic” look is completed by a light blouse decorated with a Tachist print like a neo-camouflage and robust leather clogs.

Waterproof and windproof 

Trench coats abandon any stiffness to conquer unspoiled, wild terrain by combining elegance with a relaxed attitude. Bordering on casual, the cotton boasts a visible weave imitating a twill. Heavy and robust, they are accompanied by technical performances: windproof to ride out seaside storms and waterproof to resist light showers. The lines are ample and elongated to create new stylistic proposals that favor comfort. To be worn with high rubber boots and a floaty dress, to bring a breath of fresh air to our autumn wardrobe!



Daily high performance

Performance and sustainability are clearly pre-requisites and have joined the panoply of the AW 23-24 season.

High-performance synthetics 

The need to reconnect with nature goes hand in hand with the desire for environmentally-friendly products. Synthetic materials take on the appearance of double-sided cotton, with water-repellent properties. Made of recycled polyester and coated with an eco-responsible breathable yet waterproof membrane, these new-generation materials are changing protective clothing. To observe wildlife, the sleeveless multi-pocket jacket becomes essential, worn with a long floral dress, for a touch of bucolic poetry in our urban spaces. Nylon ribstops proudly display their authentic character thanks to oversized scaling. Interesting patterns are created on the surface of traditional quilted jackets: reinventing the nomad spirit!

High resistance 

The workwear influence has reached the mountains. Utilitarian vests with ultra-simple lines, boxy shapes and enlarged pockets are worn in both men’s and womenswear, and are produced in materials usually reserved for extreme sports. Made from ®Cordura fabric, recognized for its durability and its tear- and rub-resistance, it is produced in palettes of orange and khaki. It allows us to walk through the city in any weather or scale peaks in all elegance.


Accessories are also inspired by Outdoor activities. On the program: climbing, wild camping and hiking round lakes, all of which lend their functional wardrobe codes and their aesthetic attributes to the large items of the season to give style to urban explorers.


In a nod to trekking, cords and stoppers like snap hooks are fond on oversized parkas in waxed cotton.

The color ranges confirm this desire to reconcile nature and an urban spirit. Orange and khaki combine with concrete grey to bring a flash of brightness, while shiny metal pairs with rubbery appearances.

Revisited functionals 

Straps in grosgrain offer a guarantee of strength. They are used to belt oversized trenches or bring detail to cuffs. Metallic triangles, evocative of camping equipment, align on raised collars to ensure optimal protection. Technical details are used as elements of style. Garments with multi-pocket details combine with contrasting zips and are enhanced with mechanical pulleys.

See a preview of our highlights of Autumn-Winter 23-24 and our specialized breakdowns for Sport & Tech products.

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