Slow Devored, by Atelier Sumbiosis

Interested in providing an offer of eco-friendly textile-finishings, Tony Jouanneau found himself looking into bio-manufacturing.  
As he researched how to integrate life forms into traditional ways of treating and transforming fabrics, he began taking a closer interest in symbiosis – a biological process where several organisms are sustainably and virtuously combined.

Jouanneau immediately recognized its potential. In 2018, he founded the Atelier Sumbiosis, where researchers, scientists and artisans share his quest to give organic resources an aesthetic and practical value in the world of artistic handicrafts.

Particularly striking is the Atelier’s latest innovation, Slow Devored, which opens the door to sustainable innovation in decoration – a field where eco-responsibility has been little explored as of yet – especially in burnt-out textile techniques.

Burnt-out textiles involve a process of chemically destroying some of a fabric’s fibres to create transparency. Slow Devored is a natural alternative to this harmful finishing process. Following the pattern of a matrix, a keratophagous insect slowly devours the fabric to reveal its transparency. In order to implement this bio-assisted process, a “devouring cabinet” welcomes and highlights the delicate work of these “artisan insects”. The first Slow Devored fabrics promise high quality, rare and unique pieces

Discover the full range of research and projects going on at Atelier Sumbiosis, and browse all our inspiring articles for the autumn-winter 23-24 season right here! 

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