Discover the Autumn-Winter 23-24 season!

Welcome to Autumn-Winter 23-24: discover the new season teaser!

Autumn-winter 23-24 places environmental impact at the forefront of all its creative approaches: the origin and choice of raw materials, traceability, the circularity of the processes involved and sustainability throughout a product’s life cycle are all approached as fundamental considerations, giving rise to virtuous cooperation between craftsmanship and industrial expertise.

In an Arts & Craft approach, a frugal creativity, rich in ideas yet economical in means is emerging as a powerful way to stand out, go beyond standard products and lend simplicity a richness. New products must find ways to be distinctive and earn their price with visible or intrinsic added-value.

Expressive tactility, fresh visuals and ground-breaking colorations are generated by an experimental design process inspired by mutating materials, like an organic laboratory.

The approach to luxury is marked by an opulent sobriety, discretion is viewed as a guarantee of uniqueness, and anonymity becomes desirable. The look is spare, radical, even austere, while richness is contained, and the opulence of materials comes from within.

Contemporary reinterpretations trigger irreverent appropriations and freely anachronistic aesthetic fusions. To emphasise distinctive characteristic, appearances can adopt extreme expressions, materials and volumes rely on a radical materiality with an overflowing expressiveness, excessively visible, deliberately demonstrative.

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