Behind the scenes of fashion at Première Vision Paris

A look at the run-up to the season’s fashion information at Première Vision Paris

Creating an exclusive color range, breaking down the latest creative trends and constructing tailored, cutting-edge fashion information – the Première Vision Paris fashion team works year round to bring a forward-looking vision of the season’s key trends to visitors and exhibitors.

But just how is this fresh fashion information developed season after season? What are the key steps in the journey? Read on to find out!

Everything starts with color

At Première Vision, it all begins with color. Each new season sees the elaboration of a new range of exclusive colors, developed by the Première Vision fashion team working together with guest industry experts and creatives with a keen eye geared to coming trends.

A conversation that starts in France

The first step in the development of each new color range is a brainstorming session in France, where ideas are traded some six months before the season to come.

At this first pivotal meeting, the Première Vision fashion team brings influential specialists representing various sectors of the French market together with textile experts, designers and creative agencies keeping a close eye on emerging influences in the worlds of art, design, fashion and color.

This initial collaborative session is a flurry of ideas, sample bits of color and intense discussions, at the end of which a preliminary vision of the future season slowly begins take shape, and a color range emerges. This represents France’s proposal in a collaborative conversation that will then become international.

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Première Vision’s fashion team works in-house all year long in order to provide pertinent fashion information and seasonal directions in line with market realities.

The team, made up of materials experts specialized in the industry’s different sectors – leather, denim, fabrics, yarns, accessories, etc. – is in constant touch with Première Vision show exhibitors, and constitutes a unique observation post onto the most creative and innovative side of the industry.

International brainstorming meetings

One week after the French meeting, new international experts and invited partners gather for two days to discuss emerging trends and the earliest product directions in their respective markets.

Each country, including Spain, Italy, Germany, the UK, Brazil, Japan and others, expresses its own vision of the fashions to come, along with its own color directions. The final result is the new Première Vision color range that will be presented six months later at the Paris show.

Discover the Autumn-Winter 23-24 color range ➔

Exhibitor Information Meetings

During the international meetings, industry experts share not their insights and real-world data, along with their cutting-edge fabric, accessory and leather product highlights.

Intense brainstormings with Première Vision’s fashion team paves the way for a thorough and insightful summary of the trends to come, espousing both color and the season’s influences. This inspiring fashion information is then shared and presented by our teams to the Première Vision Paris exhibitors during information meetings organized especially for them. It is the only textile show in the world to offer this service.

Hand in hand, the Première Vision fashion team and textile industry experts feed off each other throughout the year, in a fruitful and ongoing virtuous circle. Brought into being by color, the fashion season is then gradually embellished with specific weaves, knit and embroidery stitches, motifs, aspects, handles and finishings, making it increasingly tangible.

Creating the inspiration forums

The final step in elaborating the forecast of tomorrow’s trends is communicating this upstream fashion information to buyers at the show. To do so, special inspiration areas are designed and built to present a curated selection of exhibitors’ new products, organized by sector and product family.

The selection is drawn up from samples submitted by exhibitors to our fashion team, and starts a full month before the opening of the show. Thousands of samples are unpacked, sorted, organized and arranged on presentation structures designed specifically for each season, and designed to provide pertinent and clearly presented information to show visitors.

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For the Fabrics sector alone, our teams received 8,567 samples this year, and 3,278 of them will be presented at the 5 fashion-inspiration forums at the July 2022 edition of Première Vision Paris.


Key tools to help decode the season

Once the key elements of a season’s fashion information has been elaborated and synthesized  by our teams, it is ready to be rolled out at the show and online, via an exclusive color range, fashion seminars, inspiring videos and articles decoding the season’s key trends.

The season teaser

Prior to the official launch of the new season at the Première Vision Paris show, a video teaser reveals the the color directions and main influences of the coming season

This 3-minute clip helps fuel exhibitors’ inspiration, before they begin developing their future collections.

The Première Vision Color Range

The Première Vision color range is a unique and exclusive color palette that decodes the key contexts and trends of the season ahead, in sync with the many evolutions underway in the women’s, men’s and children’s ready-to-wear, accessories, leather goods, footwear and jewelry markets.

The range is elaborated with input from a panel of international textile, leather and accessories experts at Première Vision’s brainstorming meetings. Sharing information across this diversity of sectors produces a color range that is as relevant as possible to our businesses, and reflects the realities of multiple production, to better inspire the markets of reference.

Articles analyzing the trends

Each season, a series of articles dedicated to decoding the season’s highlights are published in the Trends section of Première Vision’s online magazine.

Grouped by family – Fabrics, Designs, Eco-responsibility, Leather, Sport & Tech, Decoration, Accessories and Manufacturing – the articles provide a concrete breakdown of the coming trends, and highlight a selection of products that are just a click away on the Première Vision Marketplace.

Read our trend decodings for Spring-Summer 23

The AW 23-24 decodings will be available shortly.

The Fashion Trend Tasting

For a full appreciation of the season’s key issues and influences, the Première Vision fashion team organizes fashion seminars to help decode the key colors, highlights and innovations of the coming season. These are held both at the physical show and online during the Digital Week.

The Season & Colors Fashion Trend Tasting
Find out more ➔

The Eco-Innovation Trend Tasting
Find out more ➔

The Film of the Season

The Première Vision film invites visitors to explore the season’s most resonant themes, colors and materials.

It immerses viewers in the new issues facing the fashion industry, the season’s innovations and synergies through images and a conceptual presentation, which is completely reinvented each season.

Watch the Autumn-Winter 23-24 film ➔

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