The Autumn-Winter 23-24 film

The AW23-24 season’s film takes a chromatic dive into the exclusive Première Vision color range. The range is made up of three distinct lines, each conveying complementary messages.

The first line evokes the experimental and artisanal. It’s a joyful palette, reflecting natural materials in a state of mutation, the idea of molecular fermentation, of perishables turning into gritty, offbeat expressions. Colors conjure up almost sickening culinary ingredients – sweet jellies and molasses, the texture of raw eggs, fruit pulps and indecent sausages – with an ambiguous tenderness and a zingy, energizing luminosity. In search of new hues derived from recyclings, the line gives colors a second life brimming with intensity. Textural experimentations expressed through craft paper, resins and cements, invigorated by foliage with a hi-tech glow and supercharged halos.

The central line is both essential and maximalist, communicating an innovative, opulent sobriety. It speaks to a new luxury marked by easy warmth and anonymity tinged with eccentricitý, the right to be invisible, and chromatic moderation.
Shades are worked around greenish and grayish neutrals, in addition to an extreme whiteness in textures, silvery metallics, mirroring materials and the supple, shifting look of mercury. This line features a focus on metal, and research into aluminum, mirror paper and clear celluloid. Colors evoke chrome, oysters, cellophane, oil, rocks and minerals, wax, milk or plaster.

The third line is all about cadence, and decadence, embracing new dark fantasies and claiming the existence of multiple realities. Darks serve as contrasts, to heighten the visibilitý and nature of lighter shades, and amp-up the power of lively, pleasantly dissonant intrusions. Metallic gleams, textured digital aspects, a feeling of substance and movement. Plant shades, filters, laser beams, foams and backlit flowers, conveyed as pictorial references and iPad screens, expressed as iridescent, smoky, colorful materials, glittery handles and odd froths.

Discover the entire film at Première Vision Paris this 5-7 July, along with the Autumn-Winter 23-24 color range!

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