Sustainability is the Top Agenda for the Turkish Apparel Manufacturers!

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Turkey is one of the pioneers in organic cotton. Corporate social responsibility and sustainable production are crucial for many Turkish apparel manufacturers. It is the main reason that half of Turkish manufacturers that will exhibit at Premiere Vision Paris July edition are officially certified as sustainable manufacturers. Turkish manufacturers are totally focusing on sustainability in terms of social, environmental and economic aspects. Exporters’ Associations in Turkey are trying to raise awareness among its members by building activities and projects.

Most of the Turkish manufacturers that will exhibit at PV Paris meet the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). GOTS is the leading quality mark for organic textile products that is certified by independent test institutes. The cotton used by the Turkish manufacturers is grown on plantations using best agricultural farming practices according to Better Cotton Standards. The quality mark sets strict requirements for the entire production process of cotton. While around 250 thousand tons of organic cotton is produced annually in the World, Turkey ranks fourth with approximately 25 thousand tons of organic cotton production.

Besides, Turkey’s GMO Free Cotton Production is compatible with environmental and social sustainability criteria. Turkey is the only country that produces cotton using GMO free seeds and that registered this with “GMO FREE TURKISH COTTON” brand. Turkey is one of the 3 countries that produces GMO free cotton. Turkey is the World’s biggest producer of GMO free cotton.

Sustainability is a lifestyle

Audits are implemented regarding environmental aspects, animal welfare and the social circumstances of the people who make the products annually. This includes fair wages, good working hours and safe facilities. Turkish manufacturers also take responsibility for protecting the ecosystem and the planet for future generations in their daily operations. Sustainability is integrated in all production processes. It is a lifestyle not only for the Turkish manufacturers, but also for their buyers and the end consumer.

Turkish manufacturers believe in sustainable sense of fashion for a “Sustainable World”…

For all those reasons, Premiere Vision Paris is the ideal place for Turkish apparel manufacturers to represent their exclusive apparel products to international buyers.

Meet exclusive Turkish manufacturers at Premiere Vision Manufacturing, Hall 6, 5/7 July 2022!

To find out more, visit the Aegean Has Apparel website their supplier page on the Première Vision Marketplace, their Instagram (@ageanhasapparel) and LinkedIn (ageanhasapparel).

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Register now for the Première Vision Paris show on 5, 6 and 7 July and meet the Aegean Has Apparel team, stand 6P48.

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