Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 45

Smart Creation, the podcast, invites you to explore the potential of sustainable fashion

#45 Sylvia Happel, Head of Business Development Europe at Lenzing (Sustainable Fibers Company)

At the essence of our clothes, fibers are the first step towards a sustainable production.

Following the government’s request, Lenzing group has developed for many years fibers made from natural wood in order to reduce water consumption and involve renewable energies. You may already know one of them. Such as Viscose, different fibers have come out using the same process based on cellulosic fibers. 

Sylvia Happel, Head of Business Development in the Europe market at Lenzing believes in the idea that what comes from nature, is by definition something that can go back to it. She explores the great potential of those promising fibers through the lens of innovative technologies, business and market wise as well as circularity stakes.

The Austrian company with an international outreach has lately set up new challenges, such as extending circularity to the post-consumer waste use.

In this episode, Sylvia shares all the perks of cellulosic fibers, giving their properties and the certifications that follow. Far from greenwashing, and truly dedicated to what producing consciously means, Lenzing also shows a great example of what political decisions can involve in the fashion industry.

 «Circularity is very important, it means for our fibers that they come from nature and they go back to nature. All our fibers are compostable.»

«People working at Lenzing believe in what they are doing, they do what they are saying, they are trustful.»

«Most people are not doing greenwashing on purpose, it’s just a lack of knowledge.»

«Post-consumer waste can be anything, any blend and dyed stuff with different finishes. Our goal is to reach 50% post-consumer waste.»

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