The colors of Autumn-Winter 23-24

One of Première Vision’s truly distinctive features is its unique, historic connection with the textile, leather and accessories industry. The in-house fashion team works across the globe with experts in all these fields to share and exchange information about the latest innovations and major trends. The season’s highlights and the creation of the season’s color ranges derive from these discussions, always grounded in industry realities.

The Autumn-Winter 23-24 color range reveals three strong choices, with flavorful, dissonant or soothing shades, exploring gradations to promote radical and personal fashion approaches, and navigating between discretion and extravagance.

Experimental and artisanal colors evoke mutating natural materials – played in a cheerful palette and sweet and savory combinations – conveying a provocatively soft romanticism. Colors conjure up almost sickly-sweet culinary ingredients, with an ambiguous tenderness and an energizing, vitamin-boosted luminosity. A certain attraction for bad taste, with caustic colorways derived from unusual recyclings, found objects, sensitive decompositions and even organic fermentation. Colors reference nature in a less pastoral vein, as if processed and intensified in a test-kitchen. Dyes are innovatively derived from the food industry – such as pigments based on beer.

Autumn Winter 23-24 highlights the versatility of greys in their multiple nuances, at once essential and maximalist. These colorful, greenish, warm and depigmented greys step to the fore in quiet and fascinating, deep or light neutrals, in metallic or matt versions. A chromatic restraint that amplifies the beauty of materials and know-hows, for discretion that elevates anonymity to the level of utmost originality. For truly de-saturated excess, a strictly maximum approach targeting impactful luxury, and minimalist drama.

Lastly, championing multiple realities and calls for differentiation and readability, colors worked in cadence and decadence generate dissonant tensions between the pigmentary power of darks, the sassy radiance of pales and the elaborate intensity of brights.
A utilitarian radicality, a seductively raw roughness and a fully assumed futility collide in counterpoint. Coming from the upcycling trend, combinations of materials and references are free and spontaneous, in a mix & match vein, highlighted by chromatic clashes. To catch the eye, blends seek a singular, radical effect, with exacerbated textures and sublimated imperfections.

The Première Vision color range highlights the unique know-hows of our exhibitors in their approach to color, exhibitors who are firmly committed to sustainability. Find out more in the articles about the range, along with decodings of the season and the 26 color harmonies, dedicated to the various markets, all illustrated by inspiring images and concise texts.

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