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The new edition of the jeanswear dedicated event will take place on 5 & 6 June at Milan’s Superstudio Più. Come meet denim experts from 19 countries, attend our series of conferences and discover exclusive fashion exhibitions.

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The first images of the AW 25-26 season

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Colors of AW 25-26

A preview of the AW 25-26 color range


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PV colors hayleylohn
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AW 25-26 Color Range Preview : The Power of Contrast

The Autumn Winter 2526 color range illustrates both the powerful contrasts giving life to the ...

SS 25 Fabrics Hurel
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The Ethereal Lightness of Opalescence by Mary Sholl

A wonder revered for centuries, opalescence is resurging once more as it regains new prominence ...

SS 25 Fabrics Secen Tekstil
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Harmony Focus SS 25: Bewitching Depth

Dark shades are infiltrating summer palettes, bringing depth and elegance to harmonies.

SS 25 David Leather
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Harmony Focus SS 25: Evolving Color Palettes

For Spring-Summer 25, chromatic selections explore new uses and territories.

Fabrics SS 25 TMG
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Harmony Focus SS 25: Clarity

This Spring-Summer 2025, solarizations and fadings giving rise to both pale and dazzling color schemes.

Color SS25 cover
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SS25 Range: Color in Mutation

The Spring-Summer 2025 range highlights evolving shades and reawakens classics.

Igor Dieryck laureat festival hyeres
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Color conversation with Igor Dieryck, winner of the Grand Prix du jury Mode at the Hyères Festival

Igor Dieryck, who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in 2022, swept ...

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Tissu vert
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AW 24-25 : 5 key colors

This modern and versatile quintet encapsulates each of the season’s major themes.

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How does Solar Vision influence the Première Vision color range for AW 24-25?

SOLAR VISION, one of the season’s main inspirations, lights up the season’s developments. Long considered ...

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SS 24 Color range: Hot-cold

This season, pigment shades in dense, color-soaked hues are particularly strong. These powerful, ultra-saturated colors ...

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SS24 Color range : Preview

The Spring-Summer 2024 color range encourages us to discover a variety of options and solutions, ...

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New know-hows reconcile color and sustainability in leathers

Color – in the leather industry as elsewhere – is essentially a chemical transformation. But ...

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New know-hows reconcile color and sustainability in textiles 

A garment’s color is the result of many intermediary steps that consume a particularly high ...

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Focus on the colors of AW 23-24 fantasy: cadence… and decadence

The Autumn-Winter 23-24 color range showcases three bold color perspectives, in flavorful, dissonant or soothing ...

Season Report EN SS25
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Focus on AW 23-24 leather colors: a rich and sensory palette

Navigating discretion and extravagance, the AW 23-24 leather colors convey an emphasis on authenticity.

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Autumn-Winter 23-24: Shiny silver temptation

The metallic color of the season, bright silver encourages optimism, thanks to its futuristic and ...

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The colors of Autumn-Winter 23-24

A preview of the Première Vision Color range, with its 26 colors for AW 23-24.

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Spring-Summer 23 Colours: Zero White

Première Vision’s Spring-Summer 23 colour range turns the spotlight on white.