Spring-Summer 24 Decoration : Highlights


The season’s back-to-the-future storyline finds ever-more advanced digital treatments of decorations anchored by a rich aesthetic tradition, with myriad references to art history and literature. 

Artificial Paradise   

Iridescent threads, plastic embroidery, lamé and velvet shine… The world is seen through a playful new light, blending psychedelic experiences and digital illusions. In this artificial paradise, colors are bright and acidic. Trippy gradient effects draw fabrics into a hallucinatory waltz. 

Digital Abstraction  

Technology takes flou into new territory. Spring-Summer 2024 transposes the concepts of mid-20th century expressionism into the age of the virtual toile and the all-powerful keyboard. Contours of forms melt into an interplay of random motifs inspired by the digital world. 

Digital Florals  

Flowers are twisted and transformed into quasi-abstract, overexposed motifs, by turns resembling scans or appearing washed out… Even 19th-century style floral prints skew futuristic, creating saturated pops of color on transparent bases, like water projected onto a screen.  


Chapô: Of the five senses, touch is definitely at the fore this season. Through the materials themselves and through know-how, silks, jacquards, and needlework reconnect with a primitive sense of plasticity. 

Artisanal Resonances  

With organic materials experiencing a comeback, an overarching minimalism defines the season’s aesthetic. Natural colors are embraced in all their purity, while designs leave room for substance, rebalancing the relationship between the fabric and storytelling. The textile craft itself is refocused on traditional techniques like knitting and macramé. 

Organic Movements   

 The evolution of decoration looks to plant-based materials, celebrating the organic in its most primitive state. Pictorial textures, meanwhile, dissect our environment under the microscope, creating perspectives that evoke telluric movement or unfurling waves. Giant scales of reproduction bring together micro and macro. 

Tree of Life  

Like the ultimate symbol of the season’s pure mood, the tree becomes a recurring motif. From trunks, branches, and leaves right down to the roots, forest-inspired imagery serves as an inexhaustible source of inspiration. 

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