Spring-Summer 24 Fabrics Highlights: Favorites from the Première Vision Fashion Team 

Increasingly synonymous with rarity, materials draw on their own roots to bring out their intrinsic qualities and full powers of attraction. Spring-Summer 24 nurtures an unswerving idealism, focused on blends meeting the call for more sustainable fashions. This brings natural fibers derived from both plants and animals front and center. They’re appreciated for both their aesthetic results and their natural performance qualities, which complement each other. Decoration is inspired by the look of matter and earthly materials, enhancing a raw rusticity with primitive textures. The season is also marked by a more intimate approach, with a seductive note to discreet looks in lingerie.

Here, a preview of some of the fabric gems unearthed by the Première Vision team, to be found along with many others in the forums at the Première Vision Paris show.

A meet-up of plant and animal materials

This season, materials are celebrated for revealing a softly dry beauty, resulting from a cross between the plant and animal universes.

A new value is attached to natural fibers, particularly for their ecological benefits. This season they’re blended to create new handles.

The delicacy of silk combines with the dryness of bast fibers for a natural roundness.

This particular blend creates a subtly irregular effect in plains and yarn-dyeds, by joining the smoothness of silk to the refined rusticity of linen. A refinement which is accentuated by the choice of soft, natural dyes. Surfaces are more or less transparent, and embellished with alternating matte and shine, easy to envision for blouses and dresses with an everyday elegance.

Blends of plant and animal fibers are perfectly suited to the new requirements of today’s city wardrobe. Summer wool provides thermal protection and linen lends its summery coolness for optimal climatic performance. Linen’s delicate firmness lends a spring to woolens, for chic and comfortable tailored looks.

Earthly movements

Decorations draw on our cultural roots, our local traditions, and speak to our relationship to Mother Earth.

Embellishments are inspired by primitive textures and ancestral manual know-hows. Gigantic decorations draw their inspiration from the deepest lands. Earthly movements and seismic waves enliven cut-yarn jacquards.

Colors dig down into the rocky depths and acquire a pigmentary intensity. When darkened, they are illuminated by coppery or golden reflections, referencing precious minerals. Silkies are covered in shorn velvet flocking, imitating the rise of dizzying mountain peaks.

Even for Outdoor wear, performance fabrics are bedecked in fanciful minerals and volcanic textures. In denim, laser wash-outs bring out earth-like ripples, while oxidation takes on a rusty, yellowed look.

High-precision lingerie

The season’s lingerie reveals a more low-key seductive appeal, and a new way of approaching inner wear. Embellishment techniques pay tribute to manual know-hows and reflect an extreme attention to precision. Virtuoso patterns enhance even the most minimalist motifs. Floral designs give way to geometric patterns. Tulles are over-embroidered with sinuous, delicately intertwining curves. Laces mimic 3D visual effects thanks to imbricated cubic motifs worked in tone-on-tone.

For comfortable and discreetly seductive corsetry ensembles: second-skin knits and bi-stretch wovens are enlivened by prints and jacquards with a cozy intimacy.

To complete the picture, discover a preview selection of new products being presented in Paris at the show this February 7 to 9.

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