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This inspirational tool is composed of 29 exclusive tones, as well as the key harmonies and highlights of SS 25 to guide you through your creative process.

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Brillance dans les Collections Homme PE24
  • Trends

SS 24: Menswear brings on the shine

Men’s collections for Spring Summer 24 are growing more fluid.

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Lingerie focus: blurring the lines 

Spring-Summer 24 reflects a mix of genres.

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Spring-Summer 24 Style Focus: Refined Rusticity

The Spring-Summer 2024 season sees a growing opposition between the real and virtual worlds. Our ...

  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24 Style Focus: Tailoring

Tailoring is constantly reinventing itself. Rather than sticking to its timeless, low-key image, the tailored ...

  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24 Style Focus: Luminous Vibrations

Spring-Summer 2024 reflects the growing divide between the real world and the digital universe, a ...

  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24 Style Focus: Artistic blur

Spring Summer 2024 blurs the lines, inviting us to revisit romantic influences. Hop aboard for ...

  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24 Style Focus: sporty lifestyle

Spring Summer 2024 continues rolling out hybrid style sectors – especially crossovers of city and ...

PV Color Book SS 25
  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24 Highlights: Artificial Shine 

The Spring-Summer 2024 season casts a dreamlike glow over everyday life, conjuring an artificial Eden. ...

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Spring-Summer 2024: Leather

This Spring-Summer 2024, leathers explore new possibilities and push boundaries in terms of behavior, handle ...

  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24 : Designs

Spring-Summer 2024 designs broaden the field of possibilities and harmoniously juggle reality and virtuality, past ...

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Spring Summer 24 : Fabrics

As a new world dawns on the horizon, one we’ve yet to sketch out, the ...

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  • Sustainability

Spring-Summer 24: Sustainability

Spring-Summer 24 doubles down on its commitment to a more virtuous fashion industry. Eco-design encourages ...

  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24 : Decorations

Do ‘real’ and ‘abstract’ have to be opposites? In color, pattern and texture, dreams rule ...

  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24: Accessories 

Accessories for Spring-Summer 2024 are an invitation to discover new fantasy worlds, immersing the viewer in ...

Color Report AW 24-25
  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24: Manufacturing

Manufactured products for Spring-Summer 2024 offer a journey to new lands and distant horizons. A ...

  • Trends

The Spring-Summer 24 film

The film of the season dives into the Spring Summer 24 season, which cultivates a ...

  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24 Accessories: Color Spectrum

Color reigns supreme for Spring-Summer 2024. Accessories energize and illuminate the season’s clothing and Bag ...

  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24 Accessories: Contemporary Craftsmanship

This theme draws on ancestral roots to honor crafts and know-how, with a focus on ...

  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24 Accessories: Between Dream and Reality   

This season, nature merges with the virtual world to create an immersive, otherworldly, Eden-inspired universe. ...