Spring-Summer 24 Decoration : Prints

Masters of modern art like Henri Matisse and Paul Gauguin inspire prints resembling giant canvases that are geometric in form and dream-like in content.  

Large Scale  

Prints mirror the season’s maximalist trend. Increasingly disproportionate, they seem to burst out of the confines of patternmaking. Prints no longer come by the meter, but by the roll — they are no longer repetitive, they unfurl. Large-scale flowers, foliage and female silhouettes are balanced by a restrained aesthetic vocabulary. And each garment cut from such pictorial immensity becomes unique. 

Solid Colors  

Clear, clean and uncluttered, decor favors maximum readability. Contours have a precision beyond the art of mosaics. Mediterranean-style accents are ever more graphic and organic shapes seem cut from paper, evoking Matisse’s Blue Nudes. Solid colors replace blurred aspects. 

Linen Bases  

Linen gives prints a quiet strength. Herbarium-style plant-inspired motifs appear against dense jungle backdrops or blend with delicately irregular backgrounds. The fiber lends itself to exotic reveries, in the tradition of Paul Gauguin. 

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