Infos pratiques jeux olympiques

25 days prior to the Olympic Games,
PV Paris looks forward to seeing you!

A dedicated team, accommodation options, advice for getting around Paris…The entire Première Vision Paris team is committed to ensuring you a warm welcome and making your visit as seamless as possible.

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The first images of the AW 25-26 season

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Season report SS 25 Decoration
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Decodings SS25: Decoration

Find here the SS25 trends for Decoration.

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Decodings SS25 Decoration: Highlights

SS25 decorations reveal a new look in prints, embroidery, lace and jacquards.

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Decodings SS25 Decoration: High Fancy 

Gilt jacquards reveal more pastel colorways while overt opulence is found in XL floral motifs.

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Decodings SS25 Fabrics: Silkies

Moving, rippling, swaying – silkies are transformed by new textures, blends and weaves

  • Trends

AW 24-25 Fabrics : Silkies

Extravagant, grand, silkies rediscover a taste for shine. In line with technical fabric developments, they ...

  • Trends

AW 24-25 Decoration : High Fancy Jacquards and Silkies

Silks are surprising this season, turning to over-decoration in a totally uninhibited way. A baroque ...

  • Trends

Spring-Summer 24 Decoration : Highlights

Virtuality   The season’s back-to-the-future storyline finds ever-more advanced digital treatments of decorations anchored by a ...

Color Report Widget Magazine
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Spring-Summer 24 Decoration : Silkies and Fancy Jacquards

Without skimping on design, silks and jacquards feature enhanced reliefs thanks to grounds with organic, ...

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Spring-Summer 24 Fabrics: Silkies

Silkies have more body and lend a puffier look to voiles. They invent new volumes ...

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AW23-24 Fabrics: High fancy

Discover the highlights of the high fancy fabrics for Autumn-Winter 23-24.

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Fall-Winter 23-24 Fabrics : Silks

The silk universe continues to offer more and more options for everyday life: versatile, easy, ...